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Banking Jobs in Canada in 2021 | Bank Careers & Vacancy Openings: Welcome to banking sector employment opportunities in Canada if you are looking for exciting banking jobs in different locations in Canada. The banking and financial instructions jobs in demand in Canada, and is one of the best paying and lucrative career sector in the world. In this job posting, we will provide the latest finance and banking jobs in Canada. You will also learn how to find banking jobs in Canada and their qualifications, requirements, average salary.

World Economic Forum has ranked the Canadian banks and financial agencies as the soundest system in the world from the last six years. Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto- Dominion Banks are ranked in the top 20’s safest banks in the World. There are more than 8,000 banks and financial institutions in Canada. So, there are a number of generous job opportunities in the Canadian banking and financial sector.

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Agreed – working in the banking sector in Canada isn’t perhaps the most glamourous profession. Banking jobs in Canada have perhaps the reputation for being a bit boring, but could be looking for a job in the banking industry be the perfect career choice? Here is some general information about careers in financial services or banking.

Banking Careers and Job Vacancies in Canada 2021

Banking Jobs in Canada, Retail Banking Careers and Vacancy Openings in Toronto

There are hundreds of jobs available across a diverse category of expertise including an entry-level vacancy such as a receptionist, bank teller as well as higher-level vacancies such as auditors, analysts, senior management, and investment advisers. Educational requirements, as well as relevant experience, will vary depending on the type of banking jobs in Canada that you are looking for.

How To Find a Bank Job in Canada?

Finding legitimate banking jobs in Canada may be difficult if you are not prepared well and know where to look. The banking careers in Canada offer challenging opportunities for job seekers to work in a variety of positions within the banking industry.

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in Canada and these employment agencies help you to find a suitable banking job vacancy for you. Or, you can directly explore the official career portal of banks and financial institutions. We will provide the full list of Canadian banks and their career website to find current banking sector job openings in Canada.

If you are searching for the best career in banking, then this banking job post in Canada will be a good starting point. You will get information about careers at several Canadian banks, including which qualifications are required and what sort of personal skills and qualities are needed.

Depending on the job title you may have to submit an application form and go through several stages of exams, assessments, and interviews, as well as the checking and vetting for the roles which require it. Most of the Canadian banks will always check-up job references from previous employers too, so this can cause some problems for those who recently immigrated to Canada.

Banking Jobs In Canada For Immigrants or Foreigners

Canada is a country of immigrants. This means that 25 percent of people are working as immigrants in Canada. This will be great news for those seeking banking jobs in Canada for foreigners. But, many other foreign workers continue to remain lucratively employed. For example, you can check out the latest list of banking jobs through different recruitment agencies and the Canadian recruitment portal Hays, Indeed Canada.

In this post, we have collected as many as possible banking jobs for immigrants in Canada. You could also browse the banking job listings for Toronto or other major cities in Canada. Or, if you’re looking for banking jobs in a specific city (e.g., Toronto) for immigrants, you could consult the CareerBuilder banking jobs vacancies for that city.

Rapidly growing financial activities in Canada provide a variety of banking job opportunities for immigrants. Banking jobs are highly in-demand jobs in Canada for skilled immigrants in 2021.

Banking Jobs In Canada For Indian

Thousands of Indians are immigrating to Canada in the recent past year. Banking jobs are considered as one of the best, admirable, and highly paid white-collar jobs in Canada. Any Indian in Canada will have to start his/her career as a teller in a bank nevertheless of his/her position elsewhere. You may be a “General Manager” of a bank in India. It doesn’t look any different.

Indian immigrants will have to start a banking job in Canada as a teller, and that job is also very difficult to join until you have strong qualifications, references, and recommendations in Canada. FYI, tellers are paid minimum wages. It’s hard to explain which is the best approach to find the kind of banking jobs in Canada for Indians. Starting a banking and financial career as an immigrant is not so easier. Usually, Canadian employers place much value on Canadian educational degrees and work experiences.

Skilled immigrates have many banking opportunities in Canada. There is an Express Entry program launched for skilled candidates to live and work in Canada.

A skilled immigrant has to find his eligibility to get a job offer on the basis of the Canada Express Entry program. The eligibility is based on the candidate’s experience and skills in that particular job category. Once the eligibility is satisfied, then the applicant has to apply for a work permit online. There are generally three alternatives for immigrants to get a job on the basis of the Express Entry program:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program: Skilled professionals who are in demand in the Canadian economy. Professions like doctors, registered nurses, lawyers, engineers, spokespersons, etc. are eligible for express entry.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program: Skilled professionals with technical and industrially skilled immigrants within the national Canadian economy. Most secondary/technical skill-oriented professions such as steamfitters, industrial workers, agricultural workers, etc. fall into this category.
  3. Canadian Experience Class: Both the secondary and tertiary sectors that already have experience of working in the domestic Canadian economy fall into this category.

Latest Banking Job Vacancies and Career Openings in Canada [with Salary]

Banking, credit and other investment managersFirst Nations Bank of CanadaSaskatoon (SK)N/AApply
Sales associate – personal bankingTD BankSt. John’s (NL)N/AApply
Bank branch managerNational BankLaval (QC)N/AApply
Personal services manager – banking, credit and investmentNational BankMontréal (QC)N/AApply
Corporate accounts manager – banking, credit and investmentNational BankGatineau (QC)N/AApply
Banking, insurance and other financial clerksBRUNO CREDIT UNIONBruno (SK)N/AApply
Banking, credit and other investment managersCLAASRegina (SK)N/AApply
Bank clerkAGENCE DE PLACEMENT CARRIÈRE PLUSMontréal (QC)$17.68 hourlyApply
Banking, credit and other investment managersConnect First Credit UnionVarious sN/AApply
Bank directorNutrien Ltd.Saskatoon (SK)N/AApply
NewMortgage managerNational BankOttawa (ON)N/AApply
Mortgage managerNational BankEdmonton (AB)N/AApply
Mortgage managerNational BankNewmarket (ON)N/AApply
Credit and accounts managerNational BankMontréal (QC)N/AApply
Credit and accounts managerNational BankMontréal (QC)N/AApply
Bank branch managerCreative Door Services Ltd.Saskatoon (SK)N/AApply
Banking, credit and other investment managersFarm Credit CanadaLeduc (AB)N/AApply
Bank branch managerNeelandsCollingwood (ON)N/AApply
Account managerNational BankL’Assomption (QC)N/AApply
Banking, insurance and other financial clerksSaskatchewan Public Safety AgencyPrince Albert (SK)N/AApply
Account managerNational BankMontréal (QC)N/AApply
Banking, credit and other investment managersRBCToronto (ON)N/AApply
Senior manager – personal financial services LITTLE GUYS DELIVERY SERVICE INC.Markham (ON)$47.15 hourlyApply
Financial sales representativesAffinity Credit UnionStrasbourg (SK)N/AApply
Credit manager Troys ToysGuelph (ON)$48.00 hourlyApply
Credit manager Troys ToysGuelph (ON)$48.00 hourlyApply
Mortgage clerkFirst National Financial LPRichmond (BC)N/AApply
Financial clerk – financial sector Innova Wealth Builders Inc.Sudbury (ON)$20.00 to $30.00 hourly Apply
Personal lines clerk – insuranceJ.M. & C.W. Hope Grant LtdSaint John (NB)N/AApply
Mortgage clerkFirst National Financial LPCalgary (AB)N/AApply
Analyst, loansNutrien Ltd.Calgary (AB)N/AApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalFredericton (NB)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales representativesKP Financial ProfessionalSt. John’s (NL)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Vice-president head of technology and operationsARO inc.Markham (ON)N/AApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalWinnipeg (MB)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalCalgary (AB)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalMississauga (ON)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales representativesKP Financial ProfessionalVancouver (BC)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalToronto (ON)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalMedicine Hat (AB)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Financial sales and service officerKP Financial ProfessionalRegina (SK)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Accounts representative – financial sectorMcCain FoodsCalgary (AB)N/AApply
Financial sales representativesKP Financial ProfessionalEdmonton (AB)$25,000.00 annuallyApply
Benefits and entitlement clerk – insurance LIUNA LOCAL 527 WELFARE TRUST FUNDNepean (ON)$35,000.00 to $38,000.00 annually Apply
Credit area co-ordinatorARYZTABrantford (ON)N/AApply
Financial management officerDanone North AmericaToronto (ON)N/AApply
Mortgage clerkLiahona MICBarrie (ON)$45,000.00 annuallyApply
Credit and accounts manager STAR IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY INC.Brampton (ON)$48.00 hourlyApply
Financial services representativeKaleidoDrummondville (QC)N/AApply
Insurance clerk – financial sector Diversico Canada inc.Sudbury (ON)$23.00 to $28.00 hourly Apply
Calculation clerk – insuranceLa Capitale Assurance et services financiersQuébec (QC)N/AApply
Financial services managerCity of CoquitlamCoquitlam (BC)N/AApply
Financial sales representativesMcCain FoodsGrand Falls (NB)N/AApply
Loan clerk – financial sectorSSQ AssuranceQuébec (QC)N/AApply
Credit clerkBrandt Group of CompaniesRegina (SK)N/AApply
Clerk – financial sectorPERLER FINANCIAL GROUP INC.Port Coquitlam (BC)N/AApply
Insolvency clerkMallette S.E.N.C.R.L. – LévisLévis (QC)N/AApply
Credit register clerkLowe’sEdmonton (AB)N/AApply
Credit and accounts manager East-West College of Business and TechnologyCalgary (AB)$52.50 hourlyApply
Senior manager – personal financial services FC Parking 2010 Inc.Mississauga (ON)$47.15 hourlyApply
Financial management officerDanone North AmericaBoucherville (QC)N/AApply
Credit and accounts managerCanacQuébec (QC)N/AApply
Credit manager d?autos All-Star inc.Saint-Hubert (QC)N/AApply
Credit clerkPremier TechRivière-du-Loup (QC)N/AApply
Credit clerkACCESSOIRES D’AUTO LEBLANC LTÉETrois-Rivières (QC)to be discussedApply

Banking Jobs Salary in Canada

In terms of Salaries, a banking employee working in a Canadian bank typically earns an average of $130,000 per year. Median salaries range from $41,500 to $273,000. This is the average annual salary payouts including housing, transport, and other employee benefits & perks. Salaries vary extremely between different Banking careers and positions. If you are interested in the average salary of a particular banking job in Canada, explore below for salaries for specific job titles in 2021:

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
International Banking Manager $ 273,000.00
Bank Operations Head $ 256,000.00
Bank Regional Manager $ 253,000.00
Internal Bank Audit Manager $ 248,000.00
Bank Manager $ 245,000.00
Bank Operational Risk Manager $ 242,000.00
Credit Portfolio Manager $ 242,000.00
Online Banking Manager $ 241,000.00
Mortgage Operations Manager $ 238,000.00
Cash Management Manager $ 237,000.00
Bank Branch Manager $ 224,000.00
Assistant Bank Manager $ 218,000.00
Bank Project Manager $ 203,000.00
Fraud Detection Manager $ 202,000.00
Banking Business Planning Executive $ 195,000.00
Bank Relationship Manager $ 193,000.00
Foreign Exchange Manager $ 189,000.00
Financial Banking Analysis Manager $ 188,000.00
Financial Banking Systems Manager $ 188,000.00
AML Analyst $ 187,000.00
Bank Propositions Manager $ 181,000.00
Credit and Collections Manager $ 181,000.00
ATM Manager $ 174,000.00
Bank Product Manager $ 169,000.00
Bank Programme Manager $ 168,000.00
Cards Marketing Manager $ 168,000.00
Check Processing Manager $ 165,000.00
Financial Bank Planning Consultant $ 165,000.00
Mortgage Development Manager $ 165,000.00
Loan Area Manager $ 163,000.00
Mortgage Funding Manager $ 163,000.00
Bank Operations Specialist $ 159,000.00
Banking Product Manager $ 159,000.00
Mortgage Collection Manager $ 159,000.00
Trade Product Manager $ 158,000.00
Bank Accounts Manager $ 156,000.00
Assistant Bank Branch Manager $ 154,000.00
Loan Quality Assurance Manager $ 154,000.00
Loan Collection Manager $ 153,000.00
Mortgage Credit Manager $ 153,000.00
Loan Audit Team Leader $ 152,000.00
Loan Review Manager $ 151,000.00
Bank Auditing Manager $ 150,000.00
Mortgage Processing Manager $ 150,000.00
Bank Process Manager $ 148,000.00
Mortgage Servicing Manager $ 146,000.00
Loan Processing Manager $ 145,000.00
Credit Risk Analyst $ 144,000.00
Corporate Dealer $ 143,000.00
Fraud Analyst $ 143,000.00
Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager $ 143,000.00
Banking Reference Data Manager $ 142,000.00
Loan Branch Manager $ 142,000.00
Loan Team Leader $ 140,000.00
Credit Risk Associate $ 138,000.00
Commercial Vault Associate $ 135,000.00
Banking Business Analyst $ 134,000.00
Banking Risk Analyst $ 133,000.00
Loan Quality Assurance Auditor $ 133,000.00
Mortgage Quality Assurance Auditor $ 133,000.00
Budget Analyst $ 132,000.00
Bank Accounts Executive $ 130,000.00
Bank Regional Risk Officer $ 130,000.00
Credit Card Fraud Investigator $ 130,000.00
Internal Bank Auditor $ 124,000.00
Loan Analyst $ 124,000.00
Bank Quantitative Analyst $ 121,000.00
Bank Compliance Specialist $ 118,000.00
Treasury Operations Officer $ 116,000.00
Fraud Detection Supervisor $ 110,000.00
Reconciliation and Investigation Specialist $ 107,000.00
Bank Operations Officer $ 102,000.00
Credit Analyst $ 100,000.00
Bankruptcy Coordinator $   98,100.00
Private Banker $   97,700.00
Fraud Detection Associate $   97,300.00
Personal Banking Advisor $   96,400.00
Loan Quality Assurance Representative $   96,200.00
Bank Accounts Controller $   92,900.00
Direct Bank Sales Representative $   92,900.00
Personal Banker $   92,200.00
Banker $   91,800.00
Mortgage Advisor $   90,500.00
Bank Relationship Officer $   86,100.00
Banking Business Development Officer $   81,800.00
Loan Business Development Officer $   79,500.00
Banking Technical Analyst $   73,400.00
Bank Accounts Analyst $   71,200.00
Mortgage Credit Analyst $   70,200.00
Phone Banker $   65,500.00
Financial Banking Assistant $   63,400.00
Trader $   61,900.00
Mortgage Processor $   61,100.00
Mortgage Document Reviewer $   58,400.00
Loan Processor $   56,900.00
Loan Examiner $   56,600.00
Mortgage Underwriter $   55,500.00
Trade Officer $   52,900.00
ATM Service Technician $   49,700.00
Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk $   49,400.00
Loan Clerk $   48,200.00
Teller $   46,700.00
Payment Processing Clerk $   46,100.00
Loan Collector $   45,100.00
Mortgage Servicing Clerk $   44,300.00
Mortgage Collector $   41,600.00
Bank Clerk $   41,500.00

Qualification & Requirement For Bank Jobs in Canada

Most of the Canadian banking job vacancies require a minimum of a high school diploma for entry-level positions. These positions include a drive-through clerk or a bank teller. Below is the list of qualification and requirements to find banking jobs in Canada:

  • Equivalent to high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D.
    • Graduation Degree (BA, B.Com, BSc, B.Tech or BBA)
    • Graduation or Post-Graduation/LLB/MBA
    • Graduation Degree
  • Computer Literacy
  • Must have Canadian PR or Legal Work Permit
  • Become a Canadian citizen to legally work in Canada.

You must meet certain Canadian Government legal obligations before being permitted to work in Canada.

Courses For Banking Careers in Canada

Here is a list of the best degrees of major subjects to get a lucrative banking position and career path in Canada:

  1. MBA
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Business Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Financial Engineering
  7. Physics/ Engineering/ Mathematics
  8. Banking and Financial Management
  9. Computer Science/ Information Technology
  10. International Business
  11. Corporate/Business Law
  12. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  13. Chartered Investment Banking Analyst (CIBA)
  14. Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)
  15. Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Best Universities for Banking Careers in Canada

Top Universities for MS Programs

  • Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)
  • HEC Montreal
  • Alberta School of Business (University of Alberta)
  • Beedie School of Business (Simon Fraser University)

Top Schools for MBA Programs

  • University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management)
  • York University (Schulich School of Business)
  • Western University (Ivey Business School)
  • University of British Columbia (Sauder School of Business)
  • McGill University (Desautels Faculty of Management)
  • HEC Montreal

Top Colleges for PG Diploma Programs

  • Centennial College
  • Douglas College
  • Lambton College

Retail Banking Jobs in Canada

Retail banking jobs in Canada are the opportunities that reward top performers, selling skills, and specialized knowledge. Highly motivated and passionate professionals who know how to deal with a business client from ‘transaction’ to ‘relationship’, retail banking careers are most fit for them.

Retail banking is an employment platform that rewards individuals who don’t look at banks as faceless corporations with thousands of other employees. These people see thousands of banking job openings, potential career opportunities, challenging positions to learn and grow in. Whether your career aspirations are to stand up to the top of a branch or work for head office – Banking is a System. If you get to know the entire banking system in Canada, you get to know your career path to development. Click Here.