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Jobs in Demand in Canada After Covid-19 | Employment Opportunities

Jobs in Demand in Canada After Covid-19 | Employment Opportunities in 2022: More than 70 percent of employers in Canada are planning to rehire laid-off employees once after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, according to a survey conducted by a North American staffing firm. During the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic period, millions of individuals lost their employment in Canada. To revive the economy of Canada, most employers are hiring a large number of employees. And this creates a huge demand for employees and workers in Canada once again.

Not every part of the Canadian economy was affected equally by the Covid-19-induced crash in the jobs market, and not every business sector is reviving in the same way either. According to Statistics Canada, job losses were mainly affected in major industries where working from home is impossible including retail, restaurants, hotels, construction and manufacturing. Several service sector has also been where Indeed has seen a huge drop in operations, with postings for jobs in beauty and wellness, food service and preparation, and hospitality and tourism all decreasing by more than 70 percent.

Canada had skilled manpower shortages in many industries across the country even before the Covid-19. It’s safe to say that skilled foreign workers from different nationalities will be more in-demand than ever. In fact, the Canadian Government never dropped out of accepting immigration applications from skilled foreign workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Wondering where the best job opportunities are in Canada after the Corona Virus pandemic? Find out below!

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Available Jobs & Careers after Covid-19 Pandemic in Canada 2022

Jobs in Demand in Canada After Covid-19 Employment Opportunities

Find available jobs, tools and government resources to support you navigate the world of job vacancies during the pandemic. Your primary job right now is to make sure you and your family are safe. However, if you are available to work, there are several ways to contribute to Canada’s response to overcome the COVID-19 employment downfall.

Jobs in the Agriculture and Food Sector [4,900+ Vacancies]

Jobs in demand across the food supply chain are ramping up their efforts to provide fresh, healthy foods to all Canadians. Now is the time to consider supporting farmers, food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. There are thousands of job opportunities available during the Covid-19.

Agriculture, farming and harvesting
Food processing
Food transportation and warehousing
Retail and wholesale
Aquaculture, fishing

Jobs in Essential Services Sector [47,900+ Vacancies]

The labor market in Canada is not closed – it’s adjusting to the realities of COVID-19. Various employers are still looking for skilled workers, with many in key sectors that are continuing to provide services to Canadians.

Manufacturing and production
Transportation and logistics
Retail and wholesale
Food services
Vulnerable population services
Public safety and law enforcement
Construction, maintenance and repair

Working From Home Job Opportunities [10,100+ Vacancies]

While the economy of Canada is recovering as shops and businesses open back up, telework remains a favorable option. Employers are encouraged to support flexible working policies that foster social distancing and remote work.

Information Technology (IT)
Banking and finance

Job Opportunities Different Fields [17,000+ Vacancies]

The labor market is shifting temporarily in Canada. You can too. Whether from home or in Canada’s top priority sectors, you can contribute your skills to use so that essential services continue to be delivered to people living in your community and across the country.

General farm workers
Retail salespersons
Food service supervisors
Transport truck drivers
Food counter attendants and kitchen helpers
Retail and wholesale trade managers
Retail sales supervisors
Administrative assistants
Customer and information services representatives
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates

Volunteering in Charitable Organization

If you are able to help others in your community, consider volunteering with a local organization nearby you. It can be a great way to connect with needy others, be part of something bigger, and keep up your skills.

Food Banks Canada
Canadian Red Cross
United Way Canada
Volunteer Canada
Charity Village

Most Demanding Jobs in Canada After Corona Virus

Then there are the multiple job vacancies being created as companies gear up to return to something like normal operations. In Alberta, it is recommended that companies screen all the employees for possible symptoms of COVID-19 and mandated that anyone having cold-like symptoms is prohibited to remain in the workplace.

If you’re looking for jobs in Demand in Canada right now, as hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, here are some skills and jobs that are in trending after the Covid-19 employment crisis:

  • Manufacturing jobs in the auto sector
  • Manufacturing/production-related jobs
  • Agricultural jobs (production, harvesting, picker, packer)
  • Procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) jobs
  • Plant operators
  • Production leads/supervisors
  • Skilled laborers/machinists
  • Millwrights
  • Inventory/warehouse personnel
  • Administrative jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Hospitality Jobs
  • Health and Medical Jobs (Registered Practitioner Nurses, Doctors)

These results echo some of the findings of an earlier survey on job-seeker activity, in which construction, engineering, warehouse, procurement and manufacturing roles were seen as gaining popularity among the readily available workforce.

Top 20 Jobs in Demand in Canada After Covid-19 Until 2024:

According to the research on the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), which forecasts job demand by position between now and the year 2024, there will be high demand in the healthcare and medical sector due to aging demographics. The top 20 jobs in demand, according to COPS, are somewhat different from the CTV report (details below) — likely due to dates (2019-2024 for COPS versus 2019 for the CTV report.)

According to the COPS report, the top 20 positions in order of a number of job opening volume from now until 2024 (and with average basic wage taken from the Government of Canada (Job Bank) will be:

  1. Registered Nurse: predicting 139,700 job openings, average hourly wage $36
  2. Truck Driver: predicting 135,900 job openings, average hourly wage $21
  3. College or Vocational Instructors: 57,100 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $35
  4. Business Management Consultant: 49,300 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $34.62
  5. Welder: 30,800 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $35
  6. Licensed Practical Nurse: 25,900 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $35
  7. Occupational or Physiotherapy Therapist: 18,700 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $22
  8. Software Engineer or Designer: 18,600 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $43.27
  9. Aerospace Engineer: 14,300 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $42.79
  10. Industrial Electrician: 12,500 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $33.50
  11. Aircraft Pilot: 11,400 job openings predicted, median average wage: $37
  12. Pharmacist: 11,300 job openings predicted, median average wage: $46.89
  13. Psychologist: 10,000 job openings predicted, median average wage: $40
  14. Steamfitter or Pipefitter: 9,800 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $35
  15. Construction Estimator: 6,600 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $29
  16. Veterinary Technician or Assistant: 5,700 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $17.15
  17. Dispensing Optician: 2,500 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $23.08
  18. Cook/Chef: 5,000 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $18.40
  19. Housekeeper: 8,500 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $20.00
  20. Food Service Provider: 12,000 job openings predicted, average hourly wage: $22.60

Emerging Jobs in Demand to Start a Career in Canada

According to a survey, there are ten emerging job positions in Canada in 2021 after the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The majority of these careers are in the latest technology sector — and at least half require significant technological expertise:

  • Blockchain developer
  • Automation engineer
  • Artificial intelligence researcher
  • Chief experience officer
  • Live chat agent
  • DevOps engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Cyber security specialist
  • Data scientist
  • 3D architect.

2022 and Beyond Jobs in Demand in Canada

Not surprisingly, based on the demographic forecast— with one in five Canadians to be over 65 by the year 2024 — that causes a fundamental shift in health care career demand, especially:

  • Registered Practitioner Nurse (RPN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Psychologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Dispensing Optician
  • Veterinary Technicians or assistants (pets are aging too.)

There are several types of visa and immigration options that’ll allow you to live and work in one of the top jobs in Canada mentioned above or any other high-demand skilled profession. Each immigration program has its own unique set of requirements, eligibilities, application methods, and processing cost and time. The initial step in your journey to Canada is discovering which program best suits you.



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