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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada– Best & Most Paid Opening 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2022-2023 | Best & Most Paid Job Vacancy Openings with Salary: Are you looking for the best-paying jobs in Canada? If yes, then you are in right place here. Check out the list of some of the highest-paying job opportunities in the country. As we all know, Canada is one of the favorite countries for Immigrants with a wide range of top-paying jobs and are available in a different provinces in Canada. Explore all these best-paying employment opportunities below and start your lucrative career and work life ahead in Canada.

It’s difficult to define what the “best job” really is. Different factor such as your skills, education, experience level and personal interest affects the perfect job. We have provided the list of the best high paying jobs in Canada based on average salaries, employment benefits, perks, career growth, development, and future prospects, you can get a list of great jobs and recruitment agencies in Canada also helps you to find best paying jobs in Canada.

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Before moving toward the list of highest-paying jobs in Canada, we need to describe why Canada is such a great destination to study, work and live for so many immigrants. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area. But in terms of the workforce, the country faces a shortage of unskilled labor to professional skilled workers.

To shut out this problem, the Canadian government has announced the provision of different immigration programs such as the Canada Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). These programs attract foreign workers in Canada through fast-track and fulfill the labour demand and requirements of the Canadian job market.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada with Salaries in 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Best and Most Paid Vacancy Openings with Salaries

In addition to enough availability of job postings, Canadian company offers attractive minimum salaries and wages with competitive job benefits and perks. This means that there is enough availability of the most paid jobs in Canada and many foreign workers are highly encouraged to work in Canada as they are likely to earn more money for the same job title that they are working in their own home country.

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The median salaries of most demanding jobs in Canada or paying good salaries are meant to give you a general idea about how much you could earn from that top paying jobs. Your earnings also vary on your knowledge, skills, experiences, and sometimes, even your luck. Along with the usual job categories such as healthcare, IT, banking and finance, industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining are all thriving. With this scenario, we take a look at some of the top and best-paying jobs in Canada.

List of High-Paying Career Opportunities in Canada

The recent trend shows that Canada has definitely become one of the favorite countries for immigrants. The benefits of Canadian immigration policies are one of the key attractors to individuals preferring Canada as their immigration destination. In addition, immigrants are attracted by the availability of High paying jobs in Canada, a high standard of living, medical and education benefits, safety and security, stunning geographical landscapes, and great employment opportunities.

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Take a look below in the educational sectorized table of good-paying jobs in Canada in 2023:

Most Paid Jobs in Canada for Diploma-Holder

Stationary Energy Sources Installer and Operator$128,310.00
Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies$74,248.00
Allied health diagnostic, intervention & treatment professions$69,163.00
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians$68,748.00
Ground Transportation$66,950.00
Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians$64,910.00
Environmental, mining & petroleum & other engineering technologies/technicians$64,382.00
Civil Engineering Technology/Technician$63,742.00
Drafting, architecture, surveying and mapping technologies/technician$61,725.00
Precision Metal Working and production trades$58,691.00
Security and protective services$58,577.00
Computer Engineering Technologies/Technicians$58,336.00
Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology$58,104.00
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technologies$57,045.00
Air transportation$56,471.00
Building/construction finishing, management and inspection$56,072.00
General mechanics and repairers$55,159.00
Natural resources and conservation$54,925.00
Computer science$54,829.00
Other computer and information sciences and support services$53,926.00
Science technologies/technicians$53,177.00
Construction trades, general$52,676.00
Architecture and related science$52,528.00

Most Paid Jobs in Canada for Bachelors Degree-Holder

Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration$109,645.00
Chemical engineering and related studies$91,278.00
Other engineering related fields$80,003.00
Electrical engineering$78,225.00
Mechanical engineering$77,028.00
Geological and earth sciences/geosciences$74,454.00
Computer engineering$73,965.00
Civil engineering and related studies$73,851.00
Computer science$69,884.00
Industrial and manufacturing engineering$69,625.00
Other physical sciences$68,876.00
Therapy and assessment programs$66,713.00
Law, legal services and legal studies$65,063.00
Other computer and information sciences and support$64,854.00
Mathematics and statistics$64,407.00
Finance and financial management services$61,664.00
Business and commerce and administrations$61,412.00
Public Health$58,371.00
Other health professions and related clinical sciences$57,946.00
Natural resources and conservation$55,918.00
Social work$55,800.00

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Most Paid Jobs in Canada for Masters Degree-Holder

Finance and financial management services$106,578.00
Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration$103,059.00
Business and commerce and administrations$100,022.00
Law, legal services and legal studies$98,021.00
Other engineering related fields$97,008.00
Computer science$92,521.00
Chemical engineering and related studies$92,509.00
Computer engineering$92,503.00
Civil engineering and related studies$92,172.00
Industrial and manufacturing engineering$90,820.00
Mechanical engineering$90,624.00
Electrical engineering$89,487.00
Geological and earth sciences/geosciences$85,158.00
Human resources management and services$84,570.00
Public Health$84,399.00
Other health professions and related clinical sciences$83,523.00
Mathematics and statistics$83,473.00
Public administration and other social service professions$80,932.00
Therapy and assessment programs$80,899.00
Other computer and information sciences and support$78,910.00

Most Paid Jobs in Canada in Health & Medical Sector

Medical (MD)$83,353.00

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Highest Paying Trades in Canada

Stationary Energy Sources Installer and Operator$106,656.00
Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies$97,970.00
Electrical and power transmission installers$88,414.00
Heating, air conditioning & ventilation (HAC, HACR, HVAC, HVACR)$82,983.00
Construction trades, general$81,536.00
Plumbing and related water supply services$80,661.00
Precision Metal Working and production trades$79,316.00
Precision Systems Maintenance and Repair Technologies$74,276.00
Ground Transportation$73,305.00
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technologies$68,120.00
Audiovisual and Graphic Communications Technology/Technician$66,550.00
Building/construction finishing, management and inspection$64,619.00
Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology$64,165.00
General mechanics and repairers$63,140.00
Security and protective services$59,009.00
Agriculture operations and related sciences$50,039.00
Drafting, architecture, surveying and mapping technologies/technician$49,020.00
Culinary arts and related services$44,553.00
Other computer and information sciences and support services$40,311.00
Health Aides/Attendants/Orderlies$38,355.00
Cosmetology and related personal grooming services$30,656.00

Province Level Top Paying Jobs Demand in Canada in 2023

In terms of jobs in demand in Canada, it offers great earning potential over the next five to ten years. This is because Canadian employers are still facing a large number of skilled workers shortages. According to the survey, there were more than 450,000 private sector high-paying job vacancies that remained unfilled in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and employers were unable to find skilled and qualified employees. The table below shows the current vacancies by provinces in Canada in 2023 to be fulfilled:

ProvincesVacant Positions
British Columbia78,400
New Brunswick6,800
Nova Scotia8,500
Prince Edward Island900
Newfoundland & Labrador3,200

Work Permit Required for Students to Get High-Paying Jobs in Canada

Best Paying Jobs in Canada for Students and Foreign Workers

The study permit in Canada is valid up to 90 days after the completion of the university degree. This free time must be utilized by the foreign students by planning to explore the availability of the highest paying jobs in Canada and submit an application for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Immigration Department provides 180 days for international students to submit an online application for Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada after announcing the final results. Hence, you can also apply for a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada if you need more time to find the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for students.

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The following are the eligibility criteria to apply for Post-Study Work Permit in Canada:

  • Must have completed study at a college, university, or designated learning institute
  • Must have enrolled in at least an 8 month
  • Valid passport for the entire duration of post-study work permit

The Canadian government is granting Post-Graduate Work Permit for students despite COVID-19 unlike other countries such as the United States.

High Paying Jobs in Canada after Diploma

Short-term vocational courses in Canada are more popular among foreign students as they are less costly. These short-term courses can be completed within 6 months to 1 year and provide an easy pathway to permanent residency in Canada.

10th-class pass-out students can also apply for these vocational programs. According to Jobs Bank, the following are the top 10 high-paying jobs in Canada for Diploma holders:

High Paying Job TitlesAnnual Median Salary
Stationary Energy Sources Installer and Operator$128,310
Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies$74,248
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention & Treatment Professions$69,163
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians$68,748
Ground Transportation$66,950
Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians$64,910
Environmental, Mining & Petroleum & Other Engineering Technologies/Technicians$64,382
Civil Engineering Technology/Technician$63,742
Drafting, Architecture, Surveying and Mapping$61,725
Precision Metal Working and Production Trades$58,691

Current Openings: List of Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Top Paying Jobs in Canada Most Paid Highest Careers with Salaries

Apply now for the latest high-paying job vacancies in different locations in Canada:

Logging truck driverSK trucking LtdSlave Lake (AB)$35.00 to $45.00 hourly
Horticulture workers supervisorCrocus Landscaping Ltd.Vancouver (BC)$32.00 hourly
General manager – financial, communications and other business servicesESGO CORPNorth York (ON)$64.90 hourly
Marketing coordinatorPro Tax Block Corp.Calgary (AB)$38.46 hourly
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceBrockville (ON)$1,736.97 to $2,072.52 weekly
Administrative services managerContour Landscape Group Inc.Campbellville (ON)$46.50 hourly
CarpenterRaya Concrete Construction LtdEdmonton (AB)$30.00 hourly
Internal auditorQueen’s UniversityKingston (ON)$71,506.00 annually
Customer accounts supervisor1441998 Ontario Inc.Woodbridge (ON)$29.50 hourly
Truck driver-supervisorPuri Bros Trucking LtdCalgary (AB)$36.86 hourly
Sales manager (except retail and wholesale)JPS Trucking LtdCalgary (AB)$53.00 hourly
Systems security analystCI SolutionsMarkham (ON)$41.10 hourly
Database analystGoopter Holdings Ltd.Burnaby (BC)$40.00 hourly
Truck driver1707854 Alberta ltdEdmonton (AB)$28.85 hourly
Millwright industrialORION PLASTICS INC.St. Albert (AB)$40.00 hourly
Maintenance manager DaSilva and Associates Inc.Concord (ON)$120,000.00 annually
Truck driverVarsteel Ltd.Prince George (BC)$29.00 to $32.00 hourly
BookkeeperPizza X-Men Holdings INCCalgary (AB)$28.85 hourly
Manager – marketing servicesHamazaki Wong Marketing Group Ltd.Vancouver (BC)$48.50 hourly
Store manager – retailRusticana GroceryCanmore (AB)$36.92 hourly
Land surveyorMcKechnie Surveying Ltd.Kitchener (ON)$30.00 to $40.00 hourly
Truck driver, long haulkam logistic ltdEdmonton (AB)$29.00 hourly
ElectricianGART ELECTRIC INC.Brampton (ON)$35.00 to $45.00 hourly
Mechanical maintenance supervisorOut of the Box Packaging Inc.Mississauga (ON)$39.10 hourly
Hairdressing salon managerTrade SecretsMississauga (ON)$35.90 to $38.90 hourly
Electrical engineering technicianZef Scientific Inc.Mississauga (ON)$91,000.00 annually
PharmacistAlberton PharmacyAlberton (PE)$45.00 to $47.00 hourly
Marketing vice-president – clerical staff servicesInterglobe alliance Inc.Brampton (ON)$65.00 hourly
Pastry chefFogo Island Inn, A Division of Shorefast Social Enterprises IncJoe Batt’s Arm (NL)$60,000.00 to $75,000.00 annually
City managerMunicipalité de Saint-AubertSaint-Aubert (QC)$75,000.00 to $80,000.00 annually
TIG (tungsten inert gas) welderComplete Stainless Solutions LimitedMississauga (ON)$30.00 hourly
VeterinarianCottonwood Veterinary ClinicChilliwack (BC)$86,000.00 annually
Garage mechanicSociété de développement de la Baie-JamesRadisson (QC)$27.21 to $33.83 hourly
Early childhood educator (E.C.E.)Kidz Learnville DaycareWhitehorse (YT)$29.16 hourly
Machine operator – mineral and metal processingGLOBAL METAL SOURCES CO., LTD.Trenton (ON)$26.50 hourly
Software engineerCAPTRA STAFFING CORPORATIONMississauga (ON)$50.00 to $60.00 hourly
Managing supervisor – retailAssociation coopérative agricole de La ¨PatrieLa Patrie (QC)$33.50 hourly
AttorneySociété du Plan NordQuébec, QC$60,190.00 to $121,343.00 annually
Automobile mechanicAUTOCLICMascouche (QC)$60,000.00 to $80,000.00 annually
Marketing vice-president – financial, communications and other business servicesFairview BakeryCalgary (AB)$62.70 hourly
Manager, sales planningWyndham Hotels & Resorts Canada, Inc.Saint John (NB)$65,000.00 annually
Backhoe mechanic Manpower Services Canada LimitYarmouth (NS)$31.00 to $33.00 hourly
Backhoe mechanic Manpower Services Canada LimitBalls Creek (NS)$31.00 to $33.00 hourly
Transport truck mechanic Manpower Services Canada LimitTruro (NS)$30.00 to $33.00 hourly
RN (registered nurse)Glen Haven Manor CorporationNew Glasgow (NS)$33.01 to $40.25 hourly
Appliance store managerStrongman AppliancesNorth York (ON)$41.20 hourly
Long haul truck driverJD Sidhu Transport Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$29.00 hourly
Business consultantDeliver Fast Logistics Ltd.Calgary (AB)$45.33 hourly
Organizational analystCharm Ultrasound Inc.Various s$76,000.00 to $82,000.00 annually
Business manager – sales and advertisingMeatex Farms Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$48.00 hourly
Digital marketing specialistShipra Travels IncCalgary (AB)$40.00 hourly
Database administrator (DBA)Shipra Travels IncCalgary (AB)$43.00 hourly
BookkeeperMeatex Farms Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$28.85 hourly
Office managerShipra Travels IncCalgary (AB)$34.00 hourly
Administrative assistantShipra Travels IncCalgary (AB)$32.00 hourly
Financial managerHongli international enterprise Ltd.Markham (ON)$59.00 hourly
BookkeeperTiny Petals Inc.Langdon (AB)$28.85 hourly
BookkeeperCameron Driver Education 2018 Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$28.85 hourly
Administrative officerCircle K–Mac’s Convenience StoreCalgary (AB)$31.50 hourly
Drywall installerRaya Concrete Construction LtdEdmonton (AB)$30.00 hourly
Marketing coordinatorProvincial Smart Home ServicesEtobicoke (ON)$32.50 hourly
Marketing managerAishang Education Ltd.Vancouver (BC)$37.00 to $40.00 hourly
Long haul truck driverSuperior Transportation Logistics Inc.Calgary (AB)$28.85 hourly
CarpenterKINGSMEN CONTRACTINGNorth Vancouver (BC)$30.00 hourly
Tile installerAction Flooring LtdEdmonton (AB)$28.85 to $38.00 hourly
Floor covering installerAction Flooring LtdEdmonton (AB)$28.85 to $38.00 hourly
Automotive body mechanicSTARLINE WINDOWS LTDSurrey (BC)$30.00 hourly
Hydrogeology engineerProvince of BCVarious s$75,712.45 to $100,095.25 annually
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceNapanee (ON)$1,736.97 to $2,072.52 weekly
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceMonteith (ON)$1,736.97 to $2,072.52 weekly
Graphic designerCybersnoopz Technologies IncEdmonton (AB)$31.00 hourly
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceNorth York (ON)$1,599.59 weekly
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceNorth Bay (ON)$1,736.97 to $2,072.52 weekly
Nurse practitionerOntario Public ServiceSault Ste. Marie (ON)$1,736.97 to $2,072.52 weekly
Software engineerCybersnoopz Technologies IncEdmonton (AB)$35.00 hourly

Government Subsidized Education and Health Care Services

Apart from the attractive, high-paying salaries and job benefits, another subsidy for foreign workers to immigrate and work in Canada is zero-cost healthcare and free education. All the healthcare coverage is funded by the government, including health and medical prescription and over-the-counter medication until the age of 25.

For couples who have kids, Canada is an attractive preference because of the government-subsidized education system right up until secondary school. Furthermore, Canada is 4th best study destination in the top 20 universities in the world, so you don’t have to worry whether your kids won’t have access to world-class educational institutions.


There are plenty of opportunities that may lead to high-paying employment and permanent residency status after graduation in Canada for foreign students. Choosing the program wisely is the first step towards getting the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

Therefore, students have to plan wisely about which study program is suitable for them, their career aspirations, and the skills they developed. Then analyze the market potential of that course and if there are enough paid jobs in Canada awaiting in the desired industry for you or not.



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