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Top 15 Online Jobs From Home for Beginners in 2023

5000+ Online Jobs From Home | Part Time Data Entry and Typing Remote Work Opportunities 2023: There was a time when work from home jobs was a daydream. But time has changed and there have been thousands of jobs where you can work from your own place by using a laptop, mobile, and other smart devices. The “INTERNET” has brought with it lots of career opportunities.

Online jobs are an extensive and legit way to generate some extra income by working from home. There are verities of work from home jobs available as well as online work that can pay you an extra income by utilizing free and leisure time.

Whether you are working remotely for a profession or company or starting your own business, there’s no boundary on work-from-home opportunities. There are limitless work options, many of which can make huge earnings that exceed the monthly salary of an offline job.

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So, you are in luck – today shifting to working from home is easier and provides wider opportunities than ever. In this post, we will introduce 1000+ online work options so that you are sure to find at least multiple suitable and fun jobs that you can start working today from home and start to earn some generous money while you are in your free time.

List of Work from Home Jobs Available Online for Beginners in 2023

Online Jobs From Home Part Time Data Entry and Typing Remote Work Opportunities
Data Entry Jobs1400Typing
Online Typing Jobs980Typing
Online Survey Jobs120Analyzing
Online Tutor Jobs150Teaching
Medical Transcription Jobs120Medical Transcription
Content Writing Jobs650Writing
Form Filling Jobs240Typing
Micro Jobs800Net Surfing
Captcha Solving Jobs250Typing
Virtual Assistant Jobs40Management
Video Editor Jobs24Video Editing
App Developer Jobs120Pogramming
Game Developer Jobs140Pogramming

Most of the new job seekers who want to join part-time jobs highly preferred to work from home during their leisure time. So first, we’ll show you the top and best 10 easy online part-time jobs that will help you make some extra money right away.

Top 15 Online Jobs from Home for Students in 2023

Great online jobs for students that can get their professional life started. The following online jobs are not always easy to get, but once you find your way, you’ll be able to build long-term skills, that you can turn work from home jobs into a career or a business. Here are some legit and lucrative free online jobs for students without investment:

1. Social Media Manager

Most people spend a lot of time on social media every day. Individuals are engaging long in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social networking platforms. If you’re used to getting a lot of likes, comments, and engagement, or if you’re perfect at motivating followers through your posts, you might want to consider turning your passion into a profession. Social media manager jobs are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home who are looking for online jobs.

Social media managers have to create and maintain brand promotions, running marketing campaigns for businesses across multiple social media networks. They also have to monitor and analyze social media behavior and engagement using free or paid tools and give responses to queries and comments according to the company’s requirements and guidelines. Social media managers work online daily to create new content for business, constantly innovating to produce new ideas and innovation and evaluating how well those ideas perform.

  • Average Salary: $65,000/year for work from home as a Social Media Manager
  • Find a Social Media Manager Job: UpWork

2. Content Writer

Content writers are professional creators who produce engaging content for online visitors as per business requirements. They’re Internet-savvy producers who create articles, content, blog posts, and other forms of web-based reading materials.

Content writers typically produce reading materials for the website, and blog. These contents may be blog posts, e-books, podcasts, sales copy, and text for graphics. Content writers produce content for many different types of online portals, including websites, blogs, social networks, news aggregators, e-commerce sites, and college websites.

Content Writer Job Details

Degree LevelMinimum Bachelor’s degree or above
Degree Field(s)English, journalism, communications, or creative writing
Licensure/CertificationCertificate programs available for
ExperienceWriting content, blogs, samples and portfolios typically required
Key SkillsStrong writing skill, grammar, and research skills; knowledge in the specific writing field; social media and web skills a plus
Estimated Annual Salary$80,000 or above

3. Transcriptionist

Home-based transcription works are online jobs that allow people to make legit money without the specialized training or experience needed. Transcriptionists are required to listen to the audio recordings and write down/type accordingly. The key responsibility here is to be extremely accurate, so you have to give great attention to the recordings.

These work-from-home jobs also require you to type fast while listening to audio. It works well in your favor: The faster you type, the more you earn.

4. Online Surveys

This is another online job for students that you can work from home is Online Surveys and you can spend your leisure time in a relaxed manner. While working with online surveys you will have to share your opinion about different products and services. Simply complete the online survey jobs to answer questions about your opinion on a variety of topics.

Surveys are generally important for businesses and companies to identify the tastes, interests, and satisfaction with the products or services of their potential customers. Here you have to be careful about a real survey jobs website. Legitimate companies definitely offer you a great way to make money online from online survey work.

  • Average earnings: $15-20/hour
  • Find online survey jobs: YSense

5. Micro-Freelancing At Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for digital products and services in the world, where you can work for almost anything, from SEO & digital marketing, content writing & translation, video & animation, graphics & design, music & audio, programming & development, advertising & promotion, business, fun & lifestyle. This is the place to make money online out of your creativity, skill, and profession.

There are thousands of individuals who are making a sound income from Fiverr. There are millions of tasks you can do on Fiverr.

  • Average Salary: Starting at $5 per gig (specific task)
  • Find an Online Job: (register an account and provide your skill and professional details)

6. Resume Writer

Writing resumes may seem simple, but it is completely a technical task. So most people often find it hard to create themselves up. If you’ve had success getting a lot of interest from good companies based on your resume, offer your services to others.

You can help individuals ensure their resumes can sell their education, skill, and profession to employers. So, a resume must be well-written, professional, and catchy to recruiters.

  • Average Salary: $15-25/hour.
  • Find a Resume Writer Job: ResumeEdge

7. Online Tutor

With the availability of online video group conference facilities through Skype, Zoom, Meet, you can earn some extra bucks by tutoring students online. Additionally, if you are an expert in a specific subject, you can also offer consultancy services as well.

There are a number of online portals that provides you with a tutoring platform and work as an online tutor to teach online from home in part-time

  • Average Salary: Earn $16-25/hour to share your knowledge with others online
  • Find an Online Tutor Job: Tutors, TutorMe,

8. Data Entry & Form Filling Jobs

Online data entry jobs for students can be done in the office, but many companies are offering online data entry jobs that you can work from home. Some employers also offer call center and entry-level transcription jobs as data entry work.

Most data entry jobs are suitable for students and entry-level job seekers. If you have advanced data entry and typing experience, you can also look for work-from-home transcription and medical coding jobs. These data entry and form-filling tasks are the best online typing jobs for students who want to generate generous income utilizing the free time.

When applying for work-from-home data entry jobs, be aware of scams or online frauds.

9. Micro jobs

Students can do a micro job online as part-time work from home. By utilizing free time, students and recent graduates can get paid to work on a number of micro tasks like watching a video, sharing a page, surfing a website, searching on Google, identifying an object in the image, writing a short review, and many more.

Micro Jobs is one of the best methods of making money online for students who do not possess any advanced level of IT-related skills. They are very popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Australia.

Micro Jobs are simple online tasks that can be completed within a few minutes. At micro-jobs websites, you may be asked to,

  • Like or share something on Facebook and YouTube
  • Sign up for newsletters on websites
  • Publish posts on the forum
  • Post comments on blogs/websites
  • Tweet or retweet something
  • Creating a Gmail or Yahoo account for someone
  • Rate an Android or IOS Apps
  • Classify products into categories
  • Find some information on search engine
  • Judge the sentiments of the tweet etc, among various other jobs

There are some best sites that can provide you with exciting and easy micro jobs online. You just have to join these sites & work part-time for 2-3 hours daily & make a decent income.

10. Captcha Solving Jobs Online

CAPTCHA entry task is one of the simple online work from home for students who are looking to make extra pocket money by working in their free time on a daily basis.

Basically, Captcha is an online human verification test from which websites can simply stop automated bots to access specific tasks on the website. Only humans can recognize and solve captcha puzzles, as of now none of the computer software is capable of solving it.

So, you must possess good vision, accuracy, and captcha-solving skills in a given image and period of time then after you can simply start earning a legit income online.

All of the above websites provide free online jobs without investment and registration fees for students. So, hurry up and join these best work-from-home job opportunities available in 2023 and start making genuine income.

11. Online Language Teacher Jobs

An online language teacher is responsible for providing language instruction to students over the internet. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as video conferencing, online tutoring platforms, or other digital tools.

To become an online language teacher, you typically need to have a strong command of the language you will be teaching and some teaching experience or education. You may also need to be proficient in using technology and be comfortable communicating with students via the internet.

There are a few different ways you can work as an online language teacher. You may be hired by a language school or other educational institution to teach a specific language to their students. Alternatively, you could work as a freelance online language teacher, offering private lessons to individual students or small groups. In this case, you would be responsible for finding and booking students on your own.

As an online language teacher, you will typically be responsible for designing and delivering lesson plans, grading assignments, and providing feedback to students. You may also be responsible for maintaining records of student progress and communicating with students and their families.

  • Average Earnings: Experienced language teachers may earn between $1200 to $2500 per month
  • Find Online Language Teacher Jobs Online: PrePly, Skooli

12. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Virtual assistants work remotely and communicate with their clients via phone, email, or messaging apps.

To become a virtual assistant, you typically need to have strong computer and communication skills, as well as a reliable internet connection and a quiet place to work. Some virtual assistants also have specific technical skills or education in a particular field, such as marketing, web design, or accounting.

Duties and Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant

  • Scheduling appointments,
  • Managing email and social media accounts,
  • Conducting research
  • Creating and formatting documents
  • Updating websites, and
  • Managing databases

There are a few different ways you can work as a virtual assistant. You may be hired by a company or agency to work from home as a full-time or part-time employee, or you may work as a freelancer and take on projects on a contract basis. In either case, you will typically be paid either an hourly rate or a flat fee for your services.

  • Average Earnings: Skilled virtual assistants may earn between $1500 to $3500 per month
  • Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online: RemoteCo, VivaVirtual

13. Recruiter

A recruiter is a professional who helps companies find and hire the best candidates for open positions. As a recruiter, you will work with clients to understand their hiring needs and then identify, screen, and interview potential candidates. You may also be responsible for negotiating offers and helping candidates transition into their new roles.

There are a few different ways you can work as a recruiter. You may be hired by a company or recruiting agency to work as a full-time or part-time employee, or you may work as a freelance recruiter and take on projects on a contract basis. In either case, you will typically be paid either a salary or a commission based on the candidates you place.

Duties of Recruiter:

  • Identifying and sourcing potential candidates
  • Creating job posts
  • Screening and interviewing candidates
  • Presenting candidates to clients
  • Negotiating offers (salary, benefits, terms of employment)
  • Managing the hiring process
  • Assist in onboarding

Average Earnings: Upto $70,880 per year
Find Recruiter Jobs Online: UpWork

14. CopyWriter

A copywriter is a professional who writes copy, or written content, for a variety of purposes, such as advertising, marketing, and content marketing. As a copywriter, you will work with clients to understand their goals and create compelling, persuasive, and accurate written content to help them achieve those goals. This may include writing website copy, social media posts, email campaigns, brochures, and other marketing materials.

To become a copywriter, you typically need to have strong writing skills and the ability to craft compelling, persuasive messages. You may also need to have a portfolio of writing samples to showcase your skills to potential clients. In some cases, a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as English, journalism, or marketing, may be preferred or required.

It is becoming more common for copywriters to work remotely, using the internet and other digital tools to communicate with clients and manage their work. If you work as a copywriter from home, you will need to have a strong online presence and be comfortable using digital tools to manage your business, such as email, messaging apps, and project management software.

Average earning of Copy Writer: Upto $56,400 per year
Copy Writer Jobs Online: Copy Writing

15. Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is a professional who promotes products or services on behalf of a company or merchant and earns a commission for each sale or conversion that they generate. As an affiliate marketer, you will work to promote products or services through a variety of methods, such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing. When someone clicks on a link or banner that you have placed on your website or social media account and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission on that sale.

To become an affiliate marketer, you typically need to have a website or social media presence and be comfortable using digital tools to promote products and track your results. Some affiliate marketers also have specific skills or experience in a particular industry, such as e-commerce, health, wellness, or travel, which can be helpful when promoting related products.

The average salary of an Affiliate Marketer: Upto $80,000 per year (based on commission)
Find Affiliate Marketing Jobs Online: Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of Working from Home and Online Jobs

As we’ve long known, working from home brings a lot of advantages for online job lovers. We’re listing out the best of the best job benefits of working from home. If you are doing work from home jobs— some benefits you may already be aware of, and some that may open your mind even more to remote work’s impact on employers, employees, and the overall economy.

So, the question is that— should we work from home or work from the office? It depends upon the working industry, job category, and working environment. During the Covid-19 lockdown, more and more people are reaping the amazing benefits of working online from home. This has increased job engagement across the globe with the development of a freelancing platform. Moreover, some companies are purely based on online work and allow their employees to work from home as well.

The working environment that the internet provides from emails, messaging apps like Slack, and even Skype, and working from home or where one is comfortable has increased in different parts of the world. What exactly are the pros and cons of working online? Let us explore these:

Pros of Online Jobs From Home

  • Flexible Working Schedule
  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Less Commute Stress
  • Location Independence
  • Improved Inclusivity
  • Save Costs & Increase in Savings
  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Free from Traffic & Crowd
  • Impact on Sustainability
  • A Customizable Office
  • Increased Productivity and Performance
  • Quality Family Time
  • A Happier, Healthier Work Life

Cons of Online Jobs From Home

  • House Chores
  • Lack of Community and Team Work
  • Increase in Laxity
  • Low Reliability and Retention
  • Distractions
  • Lack of Good Working Environment
  • Lack of Motivation.
  • Unmonitored Performance and those Frequent Breaks
  • Missed Networking Opportunities
  • Internet Dependency
  • Lack of Office Equipment and Security Concerns
  • Beyond Government Regulation

In terms of “work from home” job opportunities, we are lucky enough to live in the best time there ever was. Hundreds and thousands of companies allow job seekers to work from home online if they interested have skills and can manage a computer and an Internet connection.



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