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Best Province to Get Permanent Residency in Canada PR 2023

Best Province to Get Permanent Residency in Canada 2023: Canada is known as an immigrant-friendly society. It’s a dream country for so many people around the world. So, today I’ll let you know the top 6 easiest provinces in Canada to get permanent residency (PR) status. Before we begin let us first understand what is an express entry.

Canada Express Entry is a system to organize and process applications for people who wish to immigrate to Canada and would want to acquire Canadian permanent residence. Under this program, the IRCC or simply the immigration of Canada will offer an invitation to candidates eligible for permanent residency. Under the Express Entry system, IRCC will assess applications through the CRS calculator. This tool will compute the score of an applicant based on:

  • Age: Passport copy and date of birth certificate
  • Educational credential: Degree transcripts which come in a sealed envelope consolidated mark sheet
  • Work experience: Referral letter, offer letter, etc.
  • Language proficiency: IELTS score in the General Module
  • Good Character: Police clearance certification
  • Job offer by a Canadian employer
  • If any adaptability and willingness to work and stay in Canada
Best Province to Get Permanent Residency in Canada PR

So basically, your different qualifications will determine your score. A CRS score of 440 to 500 is considered an ideal number to receive an invitation to apply and secure a permanent residency thereafter. The higher, the better. I hope Express entry is now clear. Let’s start discussing the 6 provinces on our list. I’ll also help you determine your CRS score so complete reading this article until the end to know all of your available options to permanently live in Canada.

1. Alberta

Alberta is located in the western part of Canada. Alberta is the largest producer of crude oil as well as natural gas in the country. This province has a really good economy which is driven by expansion in the petroleum industry, technology, and agriculture sectors. Alberta is the world’s second-largest exporter of natural gas and has many job opportunities for foreign skilled workers. It also offers occupations in ICT or information and communication technology, healthcare, general administration, finance, and other departments.

If interested, apply for the Alberta Nominee Program (AINP). this pathway allows skilled and semi-skilled workers to get nominated by Alberta province. By the way, this province does not have a specific job or occupation list. It means that skilled workers from different industrial backgrounds can apply for this program. Additionally, Alberta also welcomes candidates having a CRS score of 300 and above in the Express Entry pool.

2. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s fastest-growing provinces with cities such as Regina that are growing really fast. Job opportunities for foreigners are managers in Social and Community Services, conference and event planners, accounting technicians, computer programmers, architectural technologists, and technicians, instructors of persons in recreation, sports, fitness and with disabilities, bakers, tailors, dressmakers, appliance services and repairs.

These are just for you to mention. Applicants under this program will receive a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee certificate allowing them to apply for a Canadian permanent residency. This is processed much faster than any Canadian immigration programs in other provinces. If interested learn more about the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP).

3. Ontario

this Canadian province is a hub of the information and technology industry. Immigration seekers aspiring to start careers in artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, machine learning, and modern-day technology can receive good job offers and build sustainable careers. Ontario actively nominates profiles from the information technology background. If you’re interested, check out more about Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

By the way, these are just brief or general explanations because this video is gonna take forever. If I’ll discuss qualifications and processes all at once about each nomination program. Keep visiting our website because I’ll post a separate article providing complete and detailed information about each program to avoid things being mixed up or causing any confusion.

4. Quebec

The majority of residents in this Canadian province speak French. so interested immigrants who are proficient in French have high chance to get an invitation to the Quebec Provincial Program. If interested, check Quebec skilled worker program

5. Prince Edward Island

This Canadian province has many immigration takers. Expert suggests that applicants from different occupations must apply to Prince Edward Island province if they want an easy process to secure permanent residency in Canada. Some of the top in-demand jobs are sales agents, administrative assistants, drivers, receptionist cashiers, general laborers, welders, accountants, registered nurses, electrical engineers, HR managers, and merchandisers. If interested, apply for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (EIPNP).

6. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is an island province located on the southeastern coast of the Canadian Island. this province is a hot location for business in major key sectors that are driving the world’s economy. Since it is located by the sea, the major industries here are fishing, shipbuilding, and mining. The ocean sector and life sciences businesses are the other areas of focus in Nova Scotia.

The provincial nomination program of this province gives a great opportunity for skilled workers for permanent residency. Other in-demand jobs here are financial auditors and accountants, professional occupations in advertising and marketing, administrative assistant, accounting technician and bookkeeper, computer programmer and media developers, registered nurses and psychiatric nurses, College and other vocational instructors, and social workers. These are just a few to mention. if interested, apply for the Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program (NSPNP).

Okay, you might say this are great information, but where do I start? The first is to check your CRS score. You can compute your score using the CRS calculator. Don’t worry, it’s easy. All you need to do is answer each question. Though if you do not meet the requirements at this time and say you’re not eligible, please explore other answers provided from the options.

Choose requirements that you can surely meet or submit in the future in that way, you can at least get a tentative score in real-time. this will help you know all specific requirements as early as now. So that you can start in improving your background qualifications and increase your score as time goes by.

Please share this article with your friends and family if you find it helpful. so these are all the top six easiest provinces in Canada to get permanent residency status. thank you for spending your valuable time reading this article.



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