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Best Summer Jobs for College Students in 2021

Did you know that during your summer vacation, aside from having fun in the sun and with friends, you can still make cool money with easy summer jobs? A summer job for college students gives you a financial edge over other students. And also helps you pave the way for the life you really want after college.

Many students due to financial problems want high-paying summer jobs. Either to save up for next semester or to pay for the college tuition. And some are trying to improve the CV that suits their studies or future careers.

And working in the summer to gain important skills sounds way better than looking at how to format a college admission essay. Why so? The advantages of working during the summer are uncountable.

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Top 10 Indoor And Outdoor Summer Jobs For College Students

Top 10 Indoor And Outdoor Summer Jobs For College Students

Why You Need A Summer Job?

There are many potential benefits of working during the break to the typical college student.

First, summer jobs for college students increase the likelihood of success in the future. During short months of work, a student gains important skills for a future career. For example, the managing skills, or the ability to communicate within the workplace.

A student during fun summer jobs also learns the parameters and the ethics of an actual job for the first time. Moreover, if you have some working experience in your CV, you are more likely to get a full-time job after studies. HRs value actual experience more than graduating cum laude.

Also, summer jobs are perfect for networking and broadening your social circle. You will meet many other students from different majors. And who knows how these connections will help you afterward?

Plus, summer part-time jobs can help uncover new talents and professional preferences. They will definitely be useful when seeking full-time work.

Best High Paying Summer Jobs for College Students

Best Summer Jobs for College Students

These vacancies are great summer fits for college students because they don’t require a college degree. They are flexible and potentially pay well.

They are also the highest paying summer jobs.  They can potentially cover your tuition fees and other expenses.

So read carefully and make a gist to apply before the best places stop hiring!

1. Waiter or barmen

If you are hardworking and not interested in flexible schedules, consider working the summer in the service industry. For example, as a waiter or bartender.

If you work regularly during the summer, you can put on a few extra pounds a week at night.

Even if the base salary is low, the tip is often high. Plus, it is usually quite fast to learn the working process. And the colleagues are often students also – potentially a new friend group.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the fun summer jobs for students. It offers many opportunities for qualified students.

So, those looking for a little adventure will find places like au pair. Students who want to stay in the city or return to their hometown will also find many vacancies. During summer breaks, parents have problems organizing activities for their children. That’s why the demand for babysitters in summer is usually higher.

This job is perfect for people who enjoy spending time with children and staying active. And also for persons who enjoy spending time outdoors without feeling like they are working.

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3. Sales Staff

A work in a clothing store, pop-up boutique, store or street furniture gallery is all considered sales.  And students can often persuade and help the salespeople thrive and enjoy themselves. Especially if they have future assignments connected to customer interaction.

If you are studying business, finance, or marketing, this job is perfect for you. Plus, if you get into a digital store as a sales staff, you can learn more about the best crypto trading bots.

But these positions are also ideal for those looking for a low-pressure summer job. Or even for those wanting a discount at the favorite store.

4. Banking Consultant

Lots of people decide to take a loan or start paying a mortgage in the summer. Plus, it is vacation season – everybody needs banks more often. That’s why banks start looking for college students to work as consultants or hotline operators. All requirements for this job are minimal knowledge about the banking system and attentiveness.

Economics or marketing majors will love this working opportunity. It is among the highest-paying summer jobs, and it is also a great part of the CV for the future.

5. Freelance Web Designer

If you have a certain computer talent and understanding of platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, think no more! Also, if you are interested in programming, a freelance web designer job can be a great fit.

Instead of taking the 9-5 position, freelance web designers create their own schedule to work on the different projects.

You can create a new website or update an existing page. Also, the clients may ask you to install new widgets and apps or help maximize their online presence. This job is ideal not only for computer science majors but also for design and arts folks. It may require studying for a bit, but the pay is among the highest.

Best Outdoor Jobs

Do you enjoy working outside? Summer provides a great opportunity to enjoy nature whilst also earning money.

1. Rescuer

Rescuer Jobs

There are a lot of open pools and beaches during the summer. To become a rescuer, you don’t need much time. A short training, strong swimming skills, and attentiveness will make you ideal for this work. Who doesn’t enjoy spending time in the sun, doing sports and working at the same time?

2. Camp Counselor

For working at a summer camp, you need to seriously enjoy spending time with kids of all ages and personalities. If you are a leader, that is also a great bonus. There are plenty of camps of all specialties and locations. You can teach children how to make pottery, or how to write a website. Depending on your major, you can counsel in various things. It is important to find a camp that carries the activities you are truly a pro in.

You also need to enjoy outdoor activities to be an ideal fit for a position as a camp counselor.

This work is perfect for people who want to consider teaching after studying. Not to mention the broad experience you will gain when dealing with kids. It is often required afterward – don’t miss such a chance.

3. Swimming Instructor

The candidate handles providing swimming lessons for children. You need to know and use emergency measures. Should be able to achieve the goals of the swimming program.

This industry needs certifications and strong communication skills. Swimming instructors teach swimming and organize recreational activities. They are teaching people and groups of all ages and abilities in indoor and outdoor swimming.

Thus, if you have strong sporting skills, enjoy teaching and spending the day outdoors, this is an ideal experience for you.

4. Berry-picking

Do you love nature enough to spend the days in the fields? Keep in mind that you will be working with other nature enthusiasts and have free time to explore the countryside. Does this sound appealing?

Then, a summer job at the farm is just the right opportunity for you! Many farmers struggle with harvesting in the summertime and hire college students for help. An advantage of this job is that there are little to no chances of making a mistake or being fired.

Plus, a lot of farmers from Europe are waiting for students also. So, if you want to earn money whilst traveling, just look for vacancies!

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5. Painter

If you have a creative side and want to get out in the sun this summer, consider painting houses. Many painting companies are looking for students and young people to paint the interior and exterior of the homes.

For liking this work, you have to be considerate and like to use your hands. And also to be not afraid of getting a paint spot! This job may be tiring sometimes, but artistic students will love this opportunity.


As you can see, there are plenty of various workplaces that are looking for college students. To find an ideal job, make sure you are applying for the place you will love to work in. Don’t make yourself miserable in a job! Remember, summer is for fun in the first place, so pick a workplace you will enjoy and have good memories afterward.

Also, don’t be afraid to switch jobs in the summer! It can be even better to spend a month in an outdoor job, and two months as a waiter. Different companies and experiences, and an ideal summertime to remember.

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