ZAMIL Offshore Job Careers in KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA


ZAMIL Offshore Gulf Job Careers in KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA 2018: Zamil Offshore Services was founded in 1977 as a 100% Saudi Company working in diversified business fields. Its scope of work covers; offshore marine services, ship chandelling, ship chartering, Offshore Hook-up projects, offshore shipbuilding, ship & rig repair and sea ports operation and management. Shipbuilding, Ship & Rig Repair division manages and operates Zamil shipyard located inside Dammam port. Zamil shipyard facilities spread over 121,400 square meters with 500 meters waterfront. The yard has a ship lift, which can handle vessels up to 1500 tons, 80 meters in length and 15 meters in breadth. The ship lift transfer system stores the vessels on 9 dry berths. Its 750 highly skilled workers enable it to undertake any building, repair or conversion job, survey work, regular hull and engine servicing and damage repair.

Engineering & Construction Services division is working in the specialized field of offshore Hook-up projects with Saudi ARAMCO. Its contract is for seven years, for the Maintenance, Upgrade, Modification and Commissioning Support for ARAMCO’s rigs and platforms in the Arabian Gulf. Zamil Offshore operates the navigation and pilotage at King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam, serving about 2400 vessels calling annually. It operates the navigation tower and 9 harbor tugs, 2 pilot boats, one fire boat and one oil skimmer, one floating crane and one garbage collection barge.

Gulf Job Careers 2018 | ZAMIL Offshore Job Careers in KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA

JOB Title JOB Location
Painter Blaster “Aramco Certified” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector “Aramco Approved” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Welding Inspector “Aramco Approved” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Scaffolding Supervisor “Aramco Certified” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Rigger Level III “Aramco Certified” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Work Permit Receiver “Aramco Certified” Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Electrical Technician Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Communication Technician Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Instrument Technician Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Steel Installer/ Fabricator Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Structural Fitter Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Mechanical Fitter Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Structural Welder Khobar, Saudi Arabia
ETO Khobar, Saudi Arabia
2nd Engineer Khobar, Saudi Arabia
2nd Mate Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Chief Engineer Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Chief Mate Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Master Khobar, Saudi Arabia