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WHO Careers | World Health Organization Job Vacancies 2023

WHO Careers and Staff Recruitment | World Health Organization Job Vacancies 2023: Begin your career at WHO. World Health Organization offers professionals a unique career opportunity to contribute to saving people’s lives and support human health worldwide. Candidates who are appointed to an international fixed-term WHO job vacancy may be assigned to any responsibility or service region of the Organization throughout the world. WHO is currently looking to hire health professionals from various fields. Explore below for the latest WHO jobs and career opportunities.

WHO is a diverse workplace of more than 8,500 people representing over 150 nationalities working in 147 countries globally. WHO has six regional offices and its headquarter located in Geneva, Switzerland. In line with the mission of WHO is to provide global leadership in public health, and employ health specialists, medical doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, and also people with expertise in administration and finance, information systems, economics, health statistics as well as emergency preparedness and response.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Career Opportunities 2023

WHO Careers Openings World Health Organization Job Vacancies and Staff Recruitment
Organization NameWorld Health Organization (WHO)
Job LocationWorldwide Openings
No. of Vacancies100+ Jobs Available for Hiring
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
ExperienceExperience an Asset
Salary RangeTo be discussed
Employee BenefitsAttractive Job Benefits & Perks

There are a variety of career opportunities available at WHO, ranging from technical and professional positions to administrative and support roles. WHO hires staff on both a fixed-term and a permanent basis. Permanent staff members are typically recruited through the WHO Global Staffing Service, which is responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff for the organization. Fixed-term staff are typically recruited through the WHO programme of work, which is responsible for the implementation of WHO’s technical and operational activities.

Latest WHO Careers & Job Vacancies in Multiple Locations 2023

WHO employs a diverse workforce of professionals from various fields, including public health, medicine, nursing, administration, economics, and social and behavioral sciences. Explore the

Consultant on AMR – 2211067Philippines-ManilaWP/DPM Director, Programme Management
National Professional Officer (Universal Health Coverage) – 2212001Equatorial Guinea-BataAF_GNQ Equatorial Guinea
NPO Medical Officer (Reproductive Maternal Newborn & CAH) – 2211999Equatorial Guinea-MalaboAF_GNQ Equatorial Guinea
Consultant –WHO guidelines for the management of chronic primary low back pain in adults – 2211987AnywhereHQ/AAH Ageing and Health
Consultant – Paediatric HIV treatment and care – 2211818AnywhereHQ/TAC Treatment, Care and Service Delivery UCN
Human Resources Technician I – 2212029United States-Washington, D.C.Human Resources Management
Director (Office of Internal Oversight Services) – 2211854Switzerland-GenevaHQ/IOS Office of Internal Oversight Services DGO
PROSE Coordinator – 2211872Kenya-NairobiAF/EPR Emergency Preparedness and Response
Speechwriter (Office of the Chef de Cabinet) – 2211479Switzerland-GenevaHQ/DGC Office of the Chef de Cabinet DGO
Senior Assistant to Director – 2211087France-LyonHQ/CRS Country Readiness Strengthening
Communication Officer – 2211542Sao Tome and Principe-Sao TomeAF_STP Sao Tome & Principe
Assistant (Insurance) – 2211988Switzerland-GenevaHQ/SHI Staff Health Insurance FNM BOS
National Consultant – Nursing and Midwifery – 2211998UkraineEU_UKR WHO Country Office, Ukraine
Consultant- UHC & ageing: Research on financial protection and unmet needs of older persons – 2211540AnywhereHQ/WKC WHO Centre for Health Development (Kobe)
Roster of consultants – Stakeholder convenings, meetings and events related to diabetes – 2211886AnywhereHQ/MND NCD Management-Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
NPO (Immunization) – 2211972Kazakhstan-AstanaEU_KAZ WHO Country Office, Kazakhstan
Technical Officer- Primary Health Care and Global Health Initiatives (PHC-GHI) – 2211850Philippines-ManilaWP/DHS Division of Health Systems and Services
Technical Assistance for Entomology, Vector Surveillance and Vector Control (Roster) – 2211486Nepal-KathmanduSE_NEP WR Office, Nepal
Consultant – To support alignment of partners in support of country Health Information Systems for the Health Data Collaborative / SDG 3 GAP data and digital accelerator (AFRICA) – 2211788AnywhereHQ/CNG Data Coordination and Governance
Consultant – To support alignment of partners for country Health Information Systems for the Health Data Collaborative / SDG 3 GAP data and digital accelerator (ASIA) – 2211764AnywhereHQ/CNG Data Coordination and Governance
Head of Sub Office – 2211845Sudan-El GeneinaEM_SUD WHO Representative’s Office, Sudan
Consultant – Rights-Based Legislation Manual on Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) – 2211810AnywhereHQ/MAH Maternal Health
Scientist (Virologist) – 2210867India-New DelhiSE/IVD Immunization and Vaccine Development
HR Assistant – 2211932Congo-BrazzavilleAF_COG Congo, Republic of
Assistant aux Opérations – 2211739Guinea-ConakryAF_GIN Guinea
Consultant – Regulatory Systems Strengthening – 2211862AnywhereHQ/RSS Regulatory Systems Strengthening MHP
Finance Officer – 2211752Switzerland-GenevaHQ/FNM Finance BOS
Project Officer (Food-borne Disease Burden) – 2211245Switzerland-GenevaHQ/NFS Nutrition and Food Safety
National Professional Officer – Patient Safety and Quality – 2211481India-New DelhiSE_IND WR Office, India
HR Officer (NPO) – 2210262Malaysia-Kuala LumpurHQ/HRT Human Resources and Talent Management BOS
Technical Assistant – 2211510Egypt-CairoEM/DCD Division of Communicable Disease Control
Emergency Operations Officer – 2211724South Africa-PretoriaAF/EPR Emergency Preparedness and Response
Consultant – Learning Analyst – 2206967AnywhereHQ/ACD WHO Academy
Director (Learning Quality and Innovation) – 2211272France-LyonHQ/ACD WHO Academy
Technical Assistant (SAGE) – 2210558Switzerland-GenevaHQ/IVB Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals UHL
Technical Officer – 2211059Egypt-CairoEM/HIM Health Emergency Information & Risk Assessment
Communications Officer – 2211643Switzerland-GenevaHQ/DCO Communications
Programme Manager – 2211532Switzerland-GenevaHQ/DCO Communications
Consultancy: Mass Casualty Management Lead Instructor – 2211734Multiple locationsEM/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
Consultant National pour la production du rapport national sur la surveillance des décès maternels, périnatals et riposte en Mauritanie – 2211745Mauritania-NouakchottAF_MRT Mauritania
Consultant – Knowledge translation in maternal and newborn health and well-being – 2211742AnywhereHQ/NMC Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health UHL
Consultant – Visual Designer – 2211624AnywhereHQ/ACD WHO Academy
Consultant – Data Analysis and Research – 2211846Egypt-CairoEM/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
Consultant- Support in the development of the regional implementation framework to defeat meningitis by 2030. Band B level (lower end of range) – 2211772Egypt-CairoWorld Health Organization and Other Entities
Programme Assistant – 2210024Georgia-TbilisiEU_GEO WHO Country Office, Georgia
Advisor, Epidemiology and Health Emergencies – 2211834Haiti-Port-au-PrincePAHO Health Emergencies
Technical Officer, Disability and Rehabilitation – 2211816Azerbaijan-BakuEU/CPS Division of Country Health Policies and Systems
Project Officer (Data and Digital Health) – 2211793Moldova, Republic of-ChisinauEU/CPS Division of Country Health Policies and Systems
International consultant – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – 2211320India-New DelhiSE/HSD Department of Health Systems Development
Individual Consultant – Terms of Reference For Developing National Integrated HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and STI Management Guidelines in Tanzania – 2211685Tanzania, United Republic of-Dar-es-SalaamAF_TZA Tanzania
Technical Officer – Information Systems (Nutrition) – 2211651Lao People’s Democratic Republic-VientianeWP_LAO Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Program Management and Partnership Specialist – 2107090Brazil-BrasiliaPAHO/WHO Representation, Brazil
Advisor, Medicines, Health Technologies and Research – 2101620Brazil-BrasiliaPAHO/WHO Representation, Brazil
Roster of consultants – Process and platform management – 2211610AnywhereHQ/MST Methods
Technical Officer (Strategic Planning & Performance Monitoring) – 2211389Switzerland-GenevaHQ/PRP Planning Resource Coordination and Per Monitoring BOS
Office Assistant (GTB – Global Tuberculosis Programme) – 2211399Switzerland-GenevaHQ/GTB Global Tuberculosis Programme
Technical Officer (Clinical Tools) – 2211311Switzerland-GenevaHQ/CRS Country Readiness Strengthening
Programme Management Officer – 2210803Sudan-KhartoumEM_SUD WHO Representative’s Office, Sudan
Epidemiologist (Risk Assessment) – 2210373Philippines-ManilaWP/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
Technical Officer (Polio Transition Programme) – 2210848Switzerland-GenevaHQ/PTP Polio Transition Programme
Technical Officer (Innovation & Technology) – 2210707India-JamnagarHQ/UHL UHC/Life Course
Technical Manager (Strategy) – 2211410Switzerland-GenevaUT/UTD UNITAID International drug purchase facility
Health Emergency Officer – 2210804Sudan-KhartoumEM_SUD WHO Representative’s Office, Sudan
Advisor, Health Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control – 2211754Guatemala-Guatemala CityPAHO/WHO Representation, Guatemala
National Consultant – Immunization – 2211684Romania-BucharestEU_ROM WHO Country Office, Romania
National Consultant – Risk Communication – 2211678Romania-BucharestEU_ROM WHO Country Office, Romania
National Consultant – Information Management – 2211688Romania-BucharestEU_ROM WHO Country Office, Romania
Consultant – Conduct Comprehensive Governance review in WHO-EUROPE – 2211744Denmark-CopenhagenEU/RDD Regional Director’s Division
Consultant – Clinical care for Yellow Fever – 2211683AnywhereHQ/EHI High Impact Epidemics
Consultant – Surveillance data management and analysis – 2211149AnywhereHQ/GIP Global Influenza Programme EPP
National Professional Officer (AMR) – 2210666Bangladesh-DhakaSE_BAN WR Office, Bangladesh
Project Management Advisor (COVID-19) – 2211704Jamaica-KingstonPAHO/WHO Representation, Jamaica
Technical Officer (AMR) – 2210479Switzerland-GenevaHQ/SPC Surveillance, Prevention and Control
Technical Officer (Evidence and Emerging AMR) – 2209089Switzerland-GenevaHQ/SPC Surveillance, Prevention and Control
Mental Health Specialist – 2211674Türkiye-GaziantepEU_TUR WHO Country Office, Turkey
Public Information Assistant – 2211693United States-Washington, D.C.Communications
Consultant (Coordonateur Enquête SRMNIA) – 2211476Mauritania-NouakchottAF_MRT Mauritania
National communication consultant for visibility and advocacy materials – 2211648Türkiye-AnkaraEU_TUR WHO Country Office, Turkey
Chauffeurs G2 (SSA) – 2211622Cameroon-YaoundeAF_CMR Cameroon
WHO Tanzania Roster Vacancy – Photographer/Videographer SSA – 2211466Tanzania, United Republic ofAF_TZA Tanzania
CONSULTANT: To support the implementation of Nurturing Care Activities for Early Childhood Development in the African Region – 2211617Congo-BrazzavilleAF/ULC Universal Health Coverage/Life Course
Consultant – Health of trans and gender diverse people – 2210875AnywhereHQ/TPP Testing, Prevention and Populations
Consultant – Technical Support for HWF Data Management, Analysis and Writing – 2211242AnywhereHQ/DEK Data, Evidence and Knowledge UHL
Associate- Information, Products and Services (IPS) – 2211655Philippines-ManilaWP/DPM Director, Programme Management
NPO (Communicable Disease Control) – 2210916Sri Lanka-ColomboSE_SRL WR Office, Sri Lanka
HR Assistant – 2211628Chad-N’DjamenaAF_TCD Chad
Technical Officer (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) – 2210995Switzerland-GenevaHQ/CRS Country Readiness Strengthening
Consultant to Support the Development of National Policy on Health Workforce Migration – 2210963Nigeria-AbujaAF_NGA Nigeria
Consultant – Multi-stakeholder engagement, digital platform development and knowledge translation – 2211403AnywhereHQ/GNP Global NCD Platform
Consultant – Implementation of the WHO Framework for Meaningful Engagement of People Living with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health conditions – 2211329AnywhereHQ/GNP Global NCD Platform
Finance Assistant – 2207360Jordan-AmmanEM_JOR WHO Representative’s Office, Jordan
National Professional Officer (Epidemiologist) – 2211584Egypt-CairoEM_EGY WHO Representative’s Office, Egypt
Consultants (Appui au Renforcement de la Vaccination et de la Surveillance) – 2211607Congo, The Democratic Republic of theAF_COD Democratic Republic of Congo
Programme Assistant – 2211019Switzerland-GenevaHQ/FNM Finance BOS
Procurement Officer – 2211495West Bank and Gaza Strip-GazaEM_PSE WHO Representative’s Office, Palestine
Consultant – Immunization Devices (IMD) assessment – 2211258AnywhereHQ/VAX Vaccines & Immunization Devices Assessment
International Consultant – Non-Communicable Diseases Risk Factor and Surveillance – 2211321Timor-Leste-DiliSE_TLS WR Office, Timor-Leste
Emergency Surveillance and Immunization Medical Officer – 2211432BangladeshSE_BAN WR Office, Bangladesh
Medical Technologist (AMR) – 2211291BangladeshSE_BAN WR Office, Bangladesh
Programme Assistant (SSA) – 2211581Yemen-AdenEM_YEM WHO Representative’s Office, Yemen
Emergency Officer (Acute Events) – 2211005Switzerland-GenevaHQ/ARC Alert and Response Coordination
National Professional Officer – EHA – 2210914Maldives-MaleSE_MAV WR Office, Maldives
Technical Officer, Inspection Services – 2209773Switzerland-GenevaHQ/RPQ Regulation and Prequalification
WHO Tanzania Roster Vacancy – Program Assistant SSA – 2211467Tanzania, United Republic ofAF_TZA Tanzania
Roster of Surveillance Medical Officers (SMOs) – 2211480IndiaSE_IND WR Office, India
Team Assistant (Secretary) – 2210869Bangladesh-DhakaSE_BAN WR Office, Bangladesh
Unit Head, Biosecurity and Health Security Protection (BSP) – 2210486Switzerland-GenevaHQ/EPP Epidemic & Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention EPP
Team Lead, Global Access – 2210352Switzerland-GenevaHQ/IVB Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals UHL
Roster of Consultants- Mass Gatherings – 2211411AnywhereHQ/BRD Border Health Risk Dissemination
Public Health Specialist – 2210677India-JamnagarHQ/UHL UHC/Life Course
Scientist (Surveillance, Monitoring and Reporting – Non Communicable Diseases) – 2211238Switzerland-GenevaHQ/NCD Noncommunicable Diseases
Roster for Senior Data Analyst – 2210591India-New DelhiSE_IND WR Office, India
Medical Officer (Treatment, Care and Services – Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Programmes) – 2211227Switzerland-GenevaHQ/HHS Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Programmes
Team Lead (Learning Delivery and Impact), WHO Academy – 2211281France-LyonHQ/ACD WHO Academy
Executive Assistant (Budget & Finance) – 2210840India-New DelhiSE/DAF Director – Administration & Finance
Administrative Officer – 2210687Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of-PyongyangSE_KRD WR Office, DPR Korea
Senior HR Assistant – 2211406Syrian Arab Republic-DamascusEM_SYR WHO Representative’s Office, Syrian Arab Republic
Coordinator – 2211296Afghanistan-KabulEM/POL Polio Eradication
Advisor, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Systems Development – 2211426United States-Washington, D.C.Health Systems and Services
Procurement Specialist, Corporate Procurement – 2211421United States-Washington, D.C.Procurement and Supply Management
Finance Technician I – 2211409United States-Washington, D.C.Financial Resources Management
Technical Officer (Clinical Management/Emergencies) – 2209962Switzerland-GenevaHQ/CRS Country Readiness Strengthening
Consultant – Humanitarian Intervention Guide (mhGAP – HIG) – 2211264AnywhereHQ/MHE Mental Health
Operations Assistant – 2211408Mauritius-Port LouisAF_MUS Mauritius
IT Specialist, Help Desk Operations – 2211407United States-Washington, D.C.Information Technology Services
Technical Officer (Testing, Prevention and Populations – Global HIV, Hepatitis and STI Programmes) – 2211111Switzerland-GenevaHQ/HHS Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Programmes
Individual Consultant – Terms of Reference for facilitating a Mid-Term Review of the National Malaria Strategic Plan 2021-2025 in Mainland Tanzania – 2210905Tanzania, United Republic of-Dar-es-SalaamAF_TZA Tanzania
Community Engagement Officer – 2211278Denmark-CopenhagenEU/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
National Coordinator – Cervical Cancer and SRHR – 2210893Nepal-KathmanduSE_NEP WR Office, Nepal
Disability Inclusion and Rehabilitation Officer – 2211024Nepal-KathmanduSE_NEP WR Office, Nepal
Programme Area Manager, Infectious Hazard Management (IHM) – 2211356Denmark-CopenhagenEU/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
Team Lead, Expert Networks and Interventions – 2211274Denmark-CopenhagenEU/WHE WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)
Technical Officer (Local Production and Assistance) – 2210466Switzerland-GenevaHQ/RPQ Regulation and Prequalification
Report Writer – 2209826Pakistan-IslamabadEM_PAK WHO Representative’s Office, Pakistan
Scientist – 2211036Switzerland-GenevaHQ/NFS Nutrition and Food Safety
Roster of Consultants – Investigator (Office of Internal Oversight Services) – 2210889AnywhereHQ/IOS Office of Internal Oversight Services DGO
Executive Assistant-Data Management – 2210423Bangladesh-DhakaSE_BAN WR Office, Bangladesh
National Technical Officer (NCD and Risk Factors) – 2210919Myanmar-YangonSE_MMR WR Office, Myanmar
National Technical Officer (NCD and SDH) – 2210917Myanmar-YangonSE_MMR WR Office, Myanmar
Technical Officer – Research & Evaluation – 2210462India-New DelhiSE_IND WR Office, India
Technical Officer (Multisectoral Engagement) – 2210095Switzerland-GenevaHQ/HSP Health Security Preparedness
Senior Emergency Officer – 2210858Switzerland-GenevaHQ/ARC Alert and Response Coordination
Technical Officer (Data and Analysis) – 2210535India-JamnagarHQ/UHL UHC/Life Course
Communication Officer – 2211237Ukraine-KyivEU_UKR WHO Country Office, Ukraine
Scientist (Global Cancer Burden) – 2211214France-LyonCancer Surveillance
Technical Expert – HIV Comorbidities – 2210469India-New DelhiSE_IND WR Office, India
Roster for Senior Data Analyst – 2210587India-New DelhiSE_IND WR Office, India
Consultant – Health Insurance – 2210372IndiaSE_IND WR Office, India
Performance Management & Career Development Consultant – 2210973Philippines-ManilaWP/DAF Director, Administration and Finance
Senior Technical Adviser (Measles and Rubella control) – 2209691Switzerland-GenevaHQ/IVB Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals UHL
Programme Assistant (Roster) – 2208464Moldova, Republic of-ChisinauEU_MDA WHO Country Office, Republic of Moldova
Programme Assistant (Roster) – 2206004Denmark-CopenhagenEU/BOS Division of Business Operations
General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions – 1700266Switzerland-GenevaHQ/HRD Human Resources Management
General Profile – 1700001Anywhere 

How to Apply for WHO Jobs?

You need to create a job profile before you can apply for a vacancy on the WHO career website.

  1. Go to the Careers at WHO website at http://www.who.int/careers.
  2. Click Vacancies – external candidates access.
  3. On the horizontal bar at the top of the page, click Sign In.
  4. On the Login page, click New user.
  5. Read the Privacy Agreement and click I accept.
  6. Enter your user name, and enter your password and email address
  7. Click Register.

Once you have successfully created your account, you will have a unique profile with which you create or update your candidate information.


Search for vacancies

  • On the search bar at the top of the page, enter a keyword or location or both. Click Search.
  • Refine the search results by selecting the checkboxes at the left side of the page. The filters include location, job field and function, job type etc.
  • Rearrange the order of the search results by selecting the options below the search bar.
  • Save the search criteria and filters you entered by clicking “Save this Search”. Enter a title for the search settings and click “Save this Search”.

Apply for a vacancy

  • Click the job title to view the full details of the position.
  • Click Apply Online to begin the application process. If you have not yet logged in, you will be asked to do so.
  • Review the information in your profile before you submit your application.

WHO Job Benefits & Perks

Working at the World Health Organization (WHO) offers a range of benefits to its employees, including:

  1. Competitive salary: WHO offers competitive salaries based on the level of the position and the employee’s qualifications and experience.
  2. Comprehensive benefits package: WHO provides its employees with a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, life and disability insurance, and retirement savings plans.
  3. Professional development opportunities: WHO encourages its employees to pursue professional development opportunities, including training, education, and career advancement.
  4. Flexibility: WHO offers flexible work arrangements, such as part-time and teleworking, to support work-life balance.
  5. International exposure: Working at WHO provides the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and to contribute to the organization’s global health efforts.
  6. Work-life balance: WHO recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides a range of support and resources to help employees manage their work and personal commitments.
  7. Social responsibility: WHO’s mission is to promote health and well-being for all people, and its employees have the opportunity to contribute to this important work and make a difference in the world.
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