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WHO Careers and Staff Recruitment | World Health Organization Job Vacancies 2021: Begin your career at WHO. World Health Organization offers professionals a unique career opportunity to contribute to saving people’s lives and support human health worldwide. Candidates who are appointed to an international fixed-term WHO job vacancy may be assigned to any responsibility or service region of the Organization throughout the world. WHO is currently looking to hire health professionals from various field. Explore below for the latest WHO jobs and career opportunities.

WHO is a diverse workplace of more than 8,500 people representing over 150 nationalities working in 147 countries globally. WHO has six regional offices and a headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. In line with the mission of WHO is to provide global leadership in public health, employ health specialists, medical doctors, scientists, epidemiologists and also people with expertise in administration and finance, information systems, economics, health statistics as well as emergency preparedness and response.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Job Openings 2021

WHO Careers Openings World Health Organization Job Vacancies and Staff Recruitment
Organization NameWorld Health Organization (WHO)
Job LocationWorldwide Openings
No. of Vacancies100+ Jobs Available for Hiring
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
ExperienceExperience an Asset
Salary RangeTo be discussed
Employee BenefitsAttractive Job Benefits & Perks

Latest WHO Careers and Job Vacancies in Multiple Location Worldwide

Technical Officer (Target Product Profiles) – 2102097AnywhereApply Now
Technical Officer – 2102268Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Project Officer – 2102267Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Programme Officer – 2101236Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Consultant – Work with the national authorities of Afghanistan to develop and launch the national infection prevention and control (IPC) guidelines. – 2102032Multiple locationsApply Now
Director (Comm., Resource Mobilization & P’ship Dept. (CRP)) – 2102033Egypt-CairoApply Now
Consultant IHP- Seasonal Influenza Program – 2102314Egypt-CairoApply Now
National Professional Officer – 2102304Lebanon-BeirutApply Now
Liaison Officer – 2102315Serbia-PristinaApply Now
Advisor, Healthy Aging – 2102318United States-Washington, D.C.Apply Now
Change Management and Communications Officer – 2102217Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Deputy Chair, Global Board of Appeals (GBA) – 2102100Hungary-BudapestApply Now
Chair, Global Board of Appeals (GBA) – 2102099Hungary-BudapestApply Now
IT Assistant – 2102310Kenya-NairobiApply Now
Health Emergency Officer – 2102288Denmark-CopenhagenApply Now
Technical Officer (Health Services Delivery; NPO) – 2102255Ukraine-KievApply Now
Re-advertisement – Programme Assistant – 2101725Moldova, Republic of-ChisinauApply Now
Social Media Officer – 2102284Egypt-CairoApply Now
Director of Global Security – 2102264Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer, Strategic Dialogue – 2102254Philippines-ManilaApply Now
Technical Officer (AMR) – 2102200Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Informatics Assistant – 2101800Philippines-ManilaApply Now
Senior Procurement Assistant – 2102262Congo-DjouéApply Now
Consultant – Economics of Noncommunicable Diseases – 2102271United States-Washington, D.C.Apply Now
Program Assistant – SSA – 2102034Sudan-KhartoumApply Now
Health Systems Officer – SSA – 2102038Sudan-KhartoumApply Now
Technical Officer – 2102211Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Regional Adviser – 2102150Egypt-CairoApply Now
Technical Officer Road Safety – 2101938Azerbaijan-BakuApply Now
Surveillance Assistant (SSA) – 2102149AngolaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2102220Madagascar-AntananarivoApply Now
Language Assistant (English) – 2101828Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer (Country Readiness) – 2101394Mozambique-MaputoApply Now
Infectious, Hazard Management (IHM) and Response Officer – 2102195Mozambique-MaputoApply Now
Unit Head (Fragile, Vulnerable and Conflict Affected Settings) – 2101301Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Medical Officer (HIM – Health Information Management) – 2101888India-New DelhiApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101965Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Specialist, Planning, Performance Monitoring & Assessment – 2102194United States-Washington, D.C.Apply Now
Legal Officer – 2101891Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Deputy Executive Director Unitaid – 2100773Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Medical Officer (Public Health) – 2102052Maldives-MaleApply Now
Scientist (cancer screening inequalities/Latin America) – 2101414France-LyonsApply Now
Technical Officer (Communicable Diseases) – 2102089Solomon Islands-HonairApply Now
Executive Assistant – 2101942India-New DelhiApply Now
Consultant (To provide assistance to MNHSR&C for health financing reforms in Pakistan and development of Health Financing Strategy) – 2102166Pakistan-IslamabadApply Now
Administrative Officer – 2101772Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer (Health Literacy) – 2102162Denmark-CopenhagenApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101549Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Office Assistant – 2102065India-New DelhiApply Now
Roster d’Assistants Logistique Fleet – 2101934Multiple locationsApply Now
Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) – 2101858South Africa-PretoriaApply Now
Consultant NOC (Develop Study Protocol MTCT HIV) – 2102075Rwanda-KigaliApply Now
International Consultant P5 (Pre-Assessment & Validation MTCT HIV) – 2102073Rwanda-KigaliApply Now
Communications Officer – 2102108Serbia-BelgradeApply Now
Team Lead (Social Media) – 2102103Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Procurement Assistant – 2102026Myanmar-YangonApply Now
Programme Assistant – 2102068Cambodia-Phnom PenhApply Now
Technical Officer (Equity and Health) – 2102043Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
External Relations Officer – 2101960Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Health Policy Advisor (Universal Health Coverage) – 2002335Iraq-BaghdadApply Now
National Professional Officer – 2004938Iraq-BaghdadApply Now
Technical Assistant – 2005201Egypt-CairoApply Now
Consultant (Sudan/ Khartoum) Pay Band level B – 2102030Sudan-KhartoumApply Now
Consultant- Development of a practical toolkit to guide on planning the implementation of recommendations of the EMR Commission on SDH report – 2102056EgyptApply Now
Business Analyst (Payroll), ERP Business Management System (BMS)/Next Generation GSM Project – 2101784Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Office Assistant – 2101197Hungary-BudapestApply Now
Assistant To Team – 2101866Hungary-BudapestApply Now
Planning and Reporting Officer – 2102014Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Nurse – 2101880Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Project Management Officer, ERP Business Management System (BMS)/Next Generation GSM Project – 2101989Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Procurement Specialist, Revolving Fund – 2102084United States-Washington, D.C.Apply Now
Assistant Programme (SSA) – 2102082Cote d’Ivoire-AbidjanApply Now
National Professional Officer (Tuberculosis) – 2102002South Africa-PretoriaApply Now
Procurement Specialist, Shipping – 2102078United States-Washington, D.C.Apply Now
Technical Officer – 2101729Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Personne Focale P4H/JLN au Mali – 2102061Mali-BamakoApply Now
Technical Officer (Emergency Preparedness & Response) – 2102066Serbia-BelgradeApply Now
Medical Officer (Prevention, Treatment and Care of Neglected Tropical Diseases) – 2101935Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Public Health Officer (cancer control practices & policies) – 2102060France-LyonsApply Now
Human Resources Talent Pool (Roster) – 2101970France-LyonsApply Now
Human Resources Talent Pool (Roster) – 2101970France-LyonsApply Now
Technical Officer(Multiple duty stations in Afghanistan) – 2102011AfghanistanApply Now
NPO – Emergency Preparedness & Response (ERP) – 2101857South Africa-PretoriaApply Now
Administrateur national/One Health – 2102047Guinea-ConakryApply Now
Public Health Officer – 2102019Congo-BrazzavilleApply Now
Technical Officer (Injury Prevention and Control, Health Promotion) – 2102008Viet Nam-HanoiApply Now
Manager, Finance & Administration – 2101642Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101958Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101835Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Unit Head, Digital – 2101885Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Administrative Assistant (Logistics and Finance) – 2101952Tanzania, United Republic of-ZanzibarApply Now
Team Lead – 2101783Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Coordinator, Health and the Environment (HAE) – 2101988Philippines-ManilaApply Now
Technical Officer – Temporary staff 420.4 (with competition) template – 2101881Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101284Indonesia-JakartaApply Now
Roster for WHO Representative (P5/D1/D2) – 2101978Multiple locationsApply Now
Regional Adviser (Antimicrobial Resistance Control) – 2101550India-New DelhiApply Now
Consultant (Health Financing and Investment Program) – 2101957Congo-BrazzavilleApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101819Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Executive Associate (Pharmaceuticals) – 2101666India-New DelhiApply Now
Mental Health Specialist – 2101805Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer (TFI/NCD) – 2101986China-BeijingApply Now
Coordinator (2 vacancies-Honiara & Hanoi) – 2101987Viet Nam-Hanoi; Solomon Islands-HonairApply Now
Administrative Officer – 2101878Tunisia-TunisApply Now
Senior Legal Officer – 2101808Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101973Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer (Diagnostics, Medicines & Resistance – DMR) – 2101627Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Health Economist – 2101533Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101862United States-New YorkApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101907Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Information Systems for Health consultant roster – 2101953Multiple locationsApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101695Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Technical Officer – 2101909Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Scientist – 2101746Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
Advisor, Foot-and-Mouth Disease – 2101868Brazil-Rio de JaneiroApply Now
Scientist (Senior Toxicologist – IARC Monographs) – 2101766France-LyonsApply Now
General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions – 1700266Switzerland-GenevaApply Now
General Profile – 1700001AnywhereApply Now

How to Apply for WHO Jobs?

You need to create an job profile before you can apply for a vacancy on the the WHO career website.

  1. Go to the Careers at WHO website at http://www.who.int/careers.
  2. Click Vacancies – external candidates access.
  3. On the horizontal bar at the top of the page, click Sign In.
  4. On the Login page, click New user.
  5. Read the Privacy Agreement and click I accept.
  6. Enter your user name, and enter your password and email address
  7. Click Register.

Once you have successfully created your account, you will have a unique profile with which you create or update your candidate information.


Search for vacancies

  • On the search bar at the top of the page, enter a keyword or location or both. Click Search.
  • Refine the search results by selecting the checkboxes at the left side of the page. The filters include location, job field and function, job type etc.
  • Rearrange the order of the search results by selecting the options below the search bar.
  • Save the search criteria and filters you entered by clicking “Save this Search”. Enter a title for the search settings and click “Save this Search”.

Apply for a vacancy

  • Click the job title to view the full details of the position.
  • Click Apply Online to begin the application process. If you have not yet logged in, you will be asked to do so.
  • Review that the information in your profile before you submit your application.

WHO Job Benefits & Perks

WHO offers a dynamic and international working environment with a multi-cultural taskforce, opportunities for career development and a competitive compensation package. At WHO, it also offers a mobility option to give staff the opportunity to gain experience in different locations around the world.