Toronto Police Jobs in Canada | How to Become a Police Officer?


Toronto Police Jobs in Canada 2021 | How to Become a Police Officer?: The Toronto police jobs are elite organization to be fulfilled with law enforcement officials who are self-motivated and dedicated to their responsibilities and are committed to peace making in the city. Job applicants are required to go through several levels of recruitment processes before they can become a law enforcement officer in Toronto, Canada. Many candidates pursue meaningful Toronto police officer careers by completing the Ontario Police College for their primary police training and attending the specific police training at the Toronto Police College.

The fulfillment of the vacant positions, however, promotion within the organization can be achieved by the completion through an online bachelor of policing academic program. The program prepares candidates to apply alternative perspectives to police careers. By developing the professional, analytical skills and critical thinking, a bachelor’s degree in police service can give you an extra benefits in your overall police career and salary potential.

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Salary, Benefits, Career Development

Toronto Police Jobs in Canada 2020 How to Become a Police Officer

The Toronto Police Service is the fourth largest municipal police service in North America. With over 4,500 officers and approximately 2,000 civilian employees, Toronto Police is dedicated to delivering best-in-class police services, in partnership with local communities, by being where the public needs the Service the most, by embracing partnerships to create safe communities, and by focusing on the needs of the City.

The Toronto Police Service is committed to its staffs both on duty and off duty. The service provides its members with some of the industry’s leading compensation and salaries, comprehensive benefits, attractive employee wellness programs and the chance to develop the professional as well as personal skills though rewarding opportunities.

Latest Toronto Police Jobs and Careers Vacancies 2021

Payroll Coordinator

Posting Title: Payroll Coordinator
Job ID #: 5197
Salary: $64,140 – $72,217
Shift: Days
Hours: 35.00
Location: Toronto Police Headquarters
Department: Employee Services
Vacancies: 1
Job Code: A06CRA
Opening Date: December 29, 2020
Must Apply By: January 26, 2021

Benefits Administrator

Posting Title: Benefits Administrator
Job ID #: 5340
Salary: $64,781 – $72,939
Shift: Days
Hours: 35.00
Location: Toronto Police Headquarters
Department: Employee Services
Job Code: A06AMA
Vacancies: 2
Opening Date: January 16, 2021
Must Apply By: January 29, 2021

Communications Operator

Status: Regular Full-Time
Salary: $70,854.00 – $93,089.00
Shift: Rotational (includes nights, weekends and holidays)
Location: City of Toronto
Vacancies: Several
Opening Date: Monday January 11, 2021
Must Apply By: Friday January 29, 2021

Civilian External

Posting Title: Parking Enforcement Officer (2020 class)
Job ID #: 5102
Status: Regular
Salary: $67,857 to 73,963
Shift: Various
Hours: 40.00
Location: City of Toronto (various locations)
Department: Parking Enforcement
Vacancies: 30
Job Code: C51PEZ
Opening Date: Friday January 03, 2020
Must Apply By: Tuesday December 01, 2020
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Civilian External

Posting Title: Temporary Administrative Clerk
Job ID #: 5095
Status: Temporary – 6 Month contract
Hourly Rate: $27.41
Shift: Days and/or Afternoons
Hours: 35.00
Location: City of Toronto (Location TBA)
Vacancies: Several
Job Code: A04CKA
Opening Date: January 01, 2020
Must Apply By: December 01, 2020
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Police Cadet

Posting Title: Police Cadet-in-Training
Job ID #: 5153
Status: Regular Full-Time
Salary: $64,836.58
Shift: Any
Hours: 40.00
Location: City of Toronto (various locations)
Department: 302018 – Talent Acq-Uniform Staffing
Job Code: CTTPTZ
Posting Period: Continuous
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Police Cadet

Posting Title: Experienced Police Constable
Job ID #: 5105
Status: Regular, Full-Time
Shift: 3 Shifts (days, afternoons, and midnights, including weekends and statutory holidays)
Hours: 40.00
Location: City of Toronto (various locations)
Department: Talent Acquisition
Closing Date: Continuous
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Recruitment Process of Police Jobs in Toronto

Before you apply online

  • Resume: You must have a detailed and updated resume ready to download online. Your resume should include appropriate and required information related to your academic qualification and work experience,
  • Previous employment: Must have to include names, addresses, telephone numbers and employment period of previous work,
  • Education: Educational diplomas/degrees/certification related information must be readily available

Application process

  • Register: If you are applying a police job for the first time you must enroll yourself online by registering your profile. Ensure you have a valid e-mail address included,
  • Password: If you have applied for a job or registered before, ensure you remember your log in password details
  • Application: Complete the online application form.

Required Documents

If you are selected to participate in the interview and further recruitment process, you will be asked to arrange the following original documents:

  • Birth Certificate,
  • If not you are not born in Canada, look-up for Citizenship Card or Landed Immigrant Status Card,
  • All educational certificates and related documents listed on your application and resume.

Selection process

Recruitment and selection of the right people is key to the success of the Toronto Police Service, Canada. The selection processes are designed to ensure that all the police job hirings are free from bias and discrimination, so that the best people are selected on the basis of merit.

The Toronto Police Service is an equal employment opportunity promoter. The Toronto Police Service recruitment process for civilian vacancies is determined on a position-by-position basis and is depending on the specific careers requirements.

A general overview of the recruitment process is as follows:

Job specific testing:
If required, a job-specific tests are administered to measure a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform the functions of the position being filled. This may include written tests and/or practical assessments such as typing and office skills tests.

Specialized Testing (if applicable):
Certain positions require additional testing for candidates who have been successful in the previous stages of the selection process.

For example, for Part-time Communications Operator, applicants are required to undergo specialized tests, such as a telecommunications simulator test, measuring motor skills, eye-hand-co-ordination, multi-tasking, memory retention and performance under stress.

A panel interview based upon the essential competencies identified for the position is conducted. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess the essential competencies for the position in question.

Background/Security Clearance:
Background and security clearances include a check of criminal history, references, verification of educational qualifications and employment history.

Medical Assessment:
Certain positions require applicants to successfully complete a medical assessment.

Offer of Employment:
Civilian vacancies are filled through a competition process. The candidate who demonstrates the best overall suitability during the selection process will be presented with an offer of employment.

Salary and Benefits

The following data represents the average salary structure for Toronto Police Jobs Constables, as of December 2019.

Toronto Police Jobs Base Salary

Cadet in Training$63,564.98
4th Class Constable$70,643.30
3rd Class Constable$80,747.14
2nd Class Constable$90,836.35
1st Class Constable$100,923.48

Compensation and Employee Benefits

As a full-time employee of the Toronto Police Jobs you will be entitled to the following compensation and benefit packages:

  • Family Health Care Plan,
  • Family Dental Plan,
  • Vision/Hearing Care,
  • Pay Direct Pharmaceutical Card,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Paid Vacation,
  • On-site fitness facilities,
  • Access to the Police Credit Union, for additional information please visit,
  • Pension Plan (OMERS),
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program,
  • Parental/Maternity Leave.

Career Development

The Toronto Police careers are serious about personal and professional development of each employees and therefore, prides itself in offering its staffs with the most up-to-date training resources available in the field to assure that each and every employee’s professional and professional developmental ambitions are fulfilled.

One way to ensure professional satisfaction is to give opportunities to staffs. With over 180 multiple career development opportunities within the Toronto Police jobs, candidates are encouraged to look for the challenges that attract them very much. You can choose any of the following police service unit:

  1. Primary Response Unit
  2. Community Response Unit
  3. Emergency Task Force
  4. Financial Crimes Unit
  5. Forensic Identification Services
  6. Homicide Squad
  7. Mounted Unit
  8. Marine Unit
  9. Police Dog Services
  10. Public Safety Unit
  11. Sex Crimes Unit
  12. Traffic Services

For those professionals interested in increasing their leadership with the police service, the Toronto Police Service provides its members a golden opportunity to participate in the promotional process in order to step-up on the organizational ranks.

How to Become a Police Officer in Toronto, Canada?

The Toronto Police Service is the fourth biggest municipal police service in the whole North America. With over 5,000 officer staffs and 2,000 civilian employees, the organization promotes the diversity and in the dedication to keeping Toronto the best and safest place to be. Their well-earned reputation as a world leader in policing is a reflection of their commitment to excellence, innovation, quality leadership, and ongoing professional development.

Steps to Becoming a Police Officer in Toronto

  1. Register online at Toronto Police Service and attend a Toronto Police General Information Session about the positions that are available on the police force
  2. Wait for to be contacted by a Toronto Police Recruiter
  3. After speaking with a Toronto Police Recruiter, attend Toronto Police Service Practise Sessions where an officer provides you with additional information about the city’s police department
  4. Register with Applicant Testing Services and perform several stages of tests that include Police Analytical Thinking Inventory Test, the Written Communication Test, the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police, Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device and a vision and hearing screening, obtaining the results certificate once completed
  5. Test results profile will be sent via mail and OACP Certificate of Results will be issued
  6. Submit your online application to Toronto Police Service
  7. Pass the pre-screening, pre-background questionnaire, blended interview, personality inventory, background investigation, psychological assessment and medical examination
  8. Receive your offer of employment, conditional on the passing of a medical examination
  9. Enrol in the cadet-in-training program and begin the process of becoming an officer in Toronto

How Long Does It Take to Become a Police Officer in Toronto?

It takes about 24 weeks of training package to complete the prescribed police training and become sworn in as a 4th class constable in Toronto Police Service. Included in the training program are neighbourhood policing, investigative training, driving, firearms, and defensive tactics. New recruits begin training in a three-week orientation at the Toronto Police College as a cadet-in-training. Upon the completion of orientation classes, cadets-in-training pursue a 12-week session in Aylmer, Ontario, CA at the Ontario Police college, followed by 9 weeks’ training at the Toronto Police College.

What Do You Need to Become a Police Officer in Toronto?

You have to meet the following requirements and criteria to get a job as a police officer in Toronto, Canada:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or must own Canadian permanent resident
  • It’s a good idea achieving a university degree or a diploma from a college of applied arts and technology, with authentic transcripts available for proof
  • Be mentally and physically prepared to perform police constable duties
  • Be an individual of self-motivated, good habits and moral character, that the public would consider trustworthy

Working in law enforcement and public safety in Toronto is an exciting career opportunity, and achieving a policing degree is a gateway into the field if you want to start your career as a Toronto police officer. A bachelor’s degree in policing widen your chances of getting hired for wide variety of opportunities in the public safety organization, including becoming a Toronto police officer.

Recruiting by the police training program is seem to be very competitive in Toronto, so it’s critical that candidates set themselves apart from others by achieving additional skills and qualifications. A policing degree can add values to your competition.