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Fruit Picking Jobs in AUSTRALIA with Accommodation and Free VISA 2018

Fruit Picking Job Vacancies in AUSTRALIA with Accommodation and Free VISA 2018

Various farming and agricultural companies are seeking for dedicated fruit picking workers to commence work immediately. Duties could include planting, picking, pruning and irrigation laboring. Interested candidates with previous experience with farm laboring, fresh fruit and vegetable handling type roles will be highly appreciated. Wages and other benefits are paid …

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Apple/Cherry Fruit Packer Job Vacancies in CANADA for Foreigners 2017

Sandher Fruit Packers Ltd. is seeking 90 Fruit Packers to join our team as soon as possible. These are the job duties in Cherry facility and Apple Facility: Apply below: Cherry Facility – Cherry Sorting, removing debris, leafs from the cherries on sorting line. Dumping Cherries from buckets to tank …

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Agriculture and Farming Jobs in AUSTRALIA for Foreigners 2017

Agriculture and Farming Jobs in AUSTRALIA for Foreigners: Agricultural, farming, harvesting and animal conservation work includes Citrus harvest, pruning and thinning and general orchard maintenance. Hours are varied and can include some weekend work. Flexibility with hours is required, depending on weather and fruit maturity. Workers must have their own …

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Berry Picker Jobs in Hillwood Berries Farm AUSTRALIA | Fruit Picking Jobs 2017

Berry Picker Jobs in Australia 2017: Hillwood Berries Pty Ltd is seeking for fruit pickers to work on their Farm located at 25.5km north of Launceston along the Tamar River from November 2017 to end May 2018. The Hillwood Berries produces various fruits like Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. It …

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Agriculture and Harvesting Jobs in Australia For Foreigners 2017

Agriculture and Farming Jobs in Australia for Foreigners: Harvesting of fruits and vegetables crops can involve working individually, in groups or teams. You will need to be physically fit and fine as the job can involve climbing ladders, standing, kneeling, laying or sitting while moving through the crop or undertaking …

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