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Tips to Create Your Job-winning Resume

How to Write Resume? Tips to Create Your Job-winning Resume: In today’s world of technology, resumes are not the same as in the past decade. If you’re not in the marketing job for some time, this will be surprising. In the current time, creating a resume is just like a work of art that uses optimized keywords to give a professional look to a resume. It is also well crafted to get the applicant’s tracking system filters & customized specially for each in which you’re applying for.

It seems to be complicated, but you can easily create professional format resumes for your desired job by using our technique. For ease, you can use the free resume builder online to help you get your dream job. You can say that your resume is a personal marketing document designed to sell your skills and abilities to a potential employer.

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According to research, the reader scans your resume within twenty seconds. It would be best if you showed them a glance at why you’re the best for the job you’re applying for. 

Here are the tips that you can create a job-winning resume:

Resume Basics Tips

How to Write CV or Resume Tips to Create Your Job-winning Resume

Some of the basic that can help you to create a job-winning resume:

Format wisely:

The first thing you can do to make your hiring manager’s job convenient is creating an easy-to-read resume. So, he or she can easily read your resume. While creating a resume for the dream job, consider the logical format and wide margins, use a standard fort for the resume, & define the headings clearly. It is important to use the spaces properly as it sends a strong message about your critical thinking.

According to the requirement, choose bold & italic to help to guide the reader’s eye. Bullet points are the best option to grab the reader’s attention to the important resume points, such as listing your former accomplishments. To make things easier, you can consider free online resume builder by SmallSEOTools to create a resume by using a professional resume template

List accomplishments, not just job description:

When adding your experiences to your resume, focus on your success & problem-solving abilities. Organizations are always searching for those people who solve their problems or issues, so stating how you handled similar situations will help you a lot in getting your dream job.

Use the specifics such as percentages, dollars, and numbers to showcase your achievements & assure the hiring manager that you’re the best for the post in which you’re applying. It might be confusing for you, so you can take help from a resume builder online that helps showcase your experiences appropriately.

Position yourself for the job:

This one is the most important factor that can’t be ignored if you’re working in a place with plenty of experience, but you want to make changes. At this time, position yourself means stating your inner skills & qualities in a way that makes it easy for the hiring manager to see you filling an open position.

The first words on your resume will show the position at which you want to work next, such as “Accounting Manager” or “Communication Direction.” For convenience, give try to the resume to showcase your job position on the resume.

The second line separates you from all other accounting managers & communications directors. For instance, specialization in the publishing industry field always keeps in mind who you’re pitching. Through this technique, you can tell the manager about the most important facts about you & how those facts will be an asset once you are hired.

Customize your resume for each position:

Customizing your resume for each position doesn’t mean using fake information in your resume; it means using your original skills, experiences, and knowledge appropriately. The hiring manager will convince you that you’re the best for this job post.

Keep in mind the description of the job at the time of creating a resume. Change the objectives, summary with each application. For example, use the exact job subject or title “seeking the marketing manager’s job position in the healthcare field. Use the resume builder to customize your resume for each position.

Don’t lie about your qualification:

If you just attended the college but didn’t graduate from your college or universities, list the years you attended the college under the institute. It is not worthy to lie about your educational experiences when your job is about your inner skills & experience instead of your diploma in various fields.

Consider the resume maker online to define all your types of experiences in a professional format. So, you can convince the hiring manager to hire you for this post.

4 Types of Resumes

Types of Resume

There are so many basic types of resumes that you can consider to create the resume to apply for the job openings. Here are some of the different types of resumes you can use for various purposes.

1. Chronological Resume

This type of resume starts by listing your working history along with the recent position on which you’re working, which is listed first. After mentioning the employee’s working history, discuss the recent job and list the other job in the reverse of chronologic.

Mostly, employers consider chronological resumes because, in this type of resume, it is easy to find your job experiences and where you have worked before. This type of resume is considered the most commonly used resume type. If you have no idea about creating a chronological resume, you can give a try to a resume builder through which you can easily create a chronological resume.

2. Functional Resume

This resume displays your skills & experiences instead of using your previous working history in the resume. You might have a professional experience or accomplishment section that shows different skills you developed over the years rather than mentioning your working history.

Usually, this resume includes a working history summary or headlines at the top section of the resume that displays your skills and achievements that a person gets from different jobs. A functional resume does not include the previous employment history and shows a concise list of your working experiences in the middle of the resume.

You can consider the online resume builder when you have a shortage of time to apply for your desired job post as it saves your time.

3. Combination Resume

You can say that this type of resume is a mixture of a chronological and functional resume. In the top section of this combination resume, the skills & qualification of the employee is displayed. Right after this section, chronological work history is discussed. However, in this resume, employment history is not focused on.

You can highlight the skills you have that are important for the job you’re applying for using this combination of resume. You can appropriately provide your chronological work history in this resume type. It is important because most employers are interested in your chronological history, even if the history is not extensive. With the ease of resume builder, you can easily create your professional resume without the hustle.

4. Resume with Profile

In the profile section of this resume, you can define the summary of the applicant’s job-related information such as skills, experiences, and goals concisely. This job description helps the candidate showcase & sell his skills to the company to which he or she is applying. 

Adding the profile information to your resume is beneficial for all the people who want to get the desired job position in a well-reputed organization. If you have extensive working experience, it will help you define it concisely, so the hiring manager can easily understand your experiences.

On the other hand, if you have limited working experience, this profile resume can highlight the skills you have. With the assistance of an online resume builder, you can conveniently create resumes without an expert’s help.

Why is a resume important to get the desired job post?

A resume is important because it is an important tool that can help you in your job search. It is a document where you can display your tip skills, qualities, and qualifications; in fact, it is much more than that.

The resume is the only thing on which the employers decide about hiring someone for the job and help them get your first interview. This is why it matters how you structure your resume & what information you decide to use in your resume. Your resume is a brief description of the applicant’s past employment history, education, and other pertinent information.


In this article, we have discussed a few aspects of the resume, such as different resumes and why it is important for the employee and employer for the job post. Creating a professional resume is not so easy as it seems, but you can use the resume builder to create the professional format resumes to get your desired job post.

There are tons of resume builder online tools on the internet, but not all of them are as powerful and easy to use as the resume maker by the design studio of! You should give it a shot if you want to win a job!

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