Oman Air Careers | Exciting New Jobs in Oman Air 2018


Oman Air Careers | Exciting New Jobs in Oman Air: Oman Air has developed a notoriety for being a solid, focused pioneer in the airline business. We are focused on selecting and sustaining brilliant and dynamic people to meet our labor needs. In the new thousand years, our main goal is to search out better approaches to create and enhance our situation as a pioneer in flight magnificence. We trust our kin are the explanation for our prosperity and we offer you a rare opportunity to work in a group based client situated condition. Our accentuation is on constant staff advancement we accomplish through the preparation we give to our staff individuals.

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Career Opportunities at OMAN Air | Latest and Exciting Oman Air Careers and Job Vacancies

Oman Air Careers: Oman Air selects new graduates and in addition those with a couple of long stretches of working knowledge for their diverse authoritative and specialized divisions. There exist in Oman Air, positions that oblige the mastery of people with various ranges of abilities. Our diverse specialty units offer a universe of energizing open doors in an industry where plans of action change. Modernization and front-line advances make a domain where every individual can completely take part in making business and individual progress.

For the individuals who appreciate the test of contending in the worldwide commercial center, and need to be a piece of a group that conveys the best air travel benefit on the planet we have openings in Engineering, Airport jobs, Administrative/Clerical, Cargo, Flight chaperons, Management, Reservation and so on. In the event that you are a clear hard worker and a man with a never amazing, you can anticipate abroad postings wherein you will procure universal involvement in overseeing one of the airline’s workplaces around the world.

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Jobs in Oman Air: Hopefuls intrigued by a career as a pilot can settle on our Cadet Pilot plot. A distinct fascination in taking up long-lasting difficulties as an airline pilot is essential. For the individuals who have the applicable experience, Oman Air has careers at the officer level. A career that takes you around the globe! Be a piece of our first class group of lodge team and experience new societies and meet new individuals and have a great time bringing phenomenal client benefit. The candidates who meet our staff selection process can anticipate an attractive salary package and skill developing training program. Check it out the latest Oman Air Careers offer for cabin crew jobs, ground handling jobs, duty-free jobs, flight attendant jobs and airport services jobs.

Job Title Job Location
Manager – Media and Corporate Communication. Communications GMA Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Turnaround & Load Control. RAMP Muscat, OMAN
Senior Officer – Freighter Muscat, OMAN
Coordinator – Cargo Puller Muscat, OMAN
Cabin Attendant , Cabin Crew Operations Muscat, OMAN
Supervisor – Pushback Muscat, OMAN
Pushback & GSE Trainer Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Supply Chain Management Muscat, OMAN
Graphic Designer Muscat, OMAN
Officer – Statistics Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Corpoarate Communications & Media Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Change Management Office (CMO) Muscat, OMAN
Assistant Manager – Infrastructure (ICT) Muscat, OMAN
Assistant Manager – Application Management (ICT) Muscat, OMAN
Supervisor – Turn Around Muscat, OMAN
Commercial Administrator Muscat, OMAN
Duty Manager – Ground Operation Control Center Muscat, OMAN
Network & Desktop Engineer (ICT) Muscat, OMAN
Officer – GSEW Store Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Information & Communication Technology Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Food Production Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Operations Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Finance Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Human Resources & Administration Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Supply Chain Management Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Learning & Development Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Information Technology Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Commercial Muscat, OMAN
Duty Manager – Catering Operations Muscat, OMAN
Senior Officer – Safety & Security Muscat, OMAN
Senior Head Chef – Bakery & Pastry Muscat, OMAN
Head Chef Muscat, OMAN
Sous Chef Muscat, OMAN
Supervisor – Quality Assurance Muscat, OMAN
Supervisor – Food & Beverage Muscat, OMAN
Chef de Partie Muscat, OMAN
Cook Muscat, OMAN
Assistant Inflight Catering – Food Production Muscat, OMAN
Assistant Inflight Catering – Operations Muscat, OMAN
Storekeeper Muscat, OMAN
Equipment Operator Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Quality Assurance Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Learning & Development Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Pushback Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Aircraft Cabin Appearance Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Apron Muscat, OMAN
Manager – Performance Management Muscat, OMAN
Senior Officer – HSE Muscat, OMAN
Senior Officer – Ground Safety Muscat, OMAN
Senior Officer – Finance Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Outstations Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Ground Service Equipment Workshop Muscat, OMAN
Senior Manager – Finance Muscat, OMAN
Vice President – Ramp Services Muscat, OMAN
Vice President – Guest Services Muscat, OMAN
Specialist – Social Media Muscat, OMAN
Officer – Apron Muscat, OMAN
Officer – Guest Services Muscat, OMAN
Supervisor – Aircraft Cabin Appearance Muscat, OMAN
Supervsior – Transport Muscat, OMAN
Coordinator – Resource Allocator. Guest Services Muscat, OMAN
Senior Agent – Guest Services Muscat, OMAN
Agent – Baggage Handling Services Muscat, OMAN
Agent – Guest Services. Duqum Muscat, OMAN


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