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4 Great Internships for Students Who Want to Improve Writing Skills

4 Great Internships for Students Who Want to Improve Writing Skills in 2021: Writing is an essential skill all people must possess. We were taught how to write from the very beginning of our lives. We attend schools, colleges, and universities, where writing plays a pivotal role in our average grades. After graduation, we start working, and our writing keeps developing. We tend to write reports, letters, and emails. 

Clearly, writing is one of the most important abilities we must have perfected. And the sooner we start working on it, the more bolstered it will be in the long run, increasing our chances of landing the desired job.

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If you are a student and want to polish your writing skills to a shimmering brilliance, this list of internships is for you. Upon completing one of them, you will get sufficient abilities to work in various companies and organizations, starting from academic services, such as WritingCheap, volunteer organizations, and ending with other public or private firms.

Great Internships For Students Who Strive To Make Their Writing Better

Great Internships for Students Who Want to Improve Writing Skills

Why Are Internships For Students An Excellent Idea?

It comes as no surprise that most internships are unpaid. Moreover, they can often coincide with classes you have during the academic year. So why take the risk and apply for them? The point of internships is to make you more familiar with writing assignments before you commit to a major (if you are a high school student) and/or graduate from an educational institution at all. 

Indeed, you will be snowed under with both academic and non-academic tasks. But by the time you complete the internship, you will have a clear idea of whether you want to pursue an academic career. Plus, you will gain the necessary knowledge to let you start working as a full-fledged employee.

How To Find An Internship?

Finding an internship is not an easy task. Aside from the following list we have prepared, there are still numerous programs and courses. They might be hard to find, but there are people who can know more about them. So, if you aspire to kick off with an internship, ask these people whether they know any openings:

  • Your teachers at school
  • Your guidance counselor
  • Your coaches
  • Your parents
  • Your friends

Alternatively, you can post about your intentions on social media, create a LinkedIn profile, and even call local businesses and inquire about available courses. The incorporation of the mentioned will speed up the entire searching process.

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Writing Internship Program Kent State University

The program has been offering writing internships for students since 1996. The Writing Internship Program (WIP for short) focuses on modern writing trends and helps students gain the necessary skills. Related to Ken State’s Department of English, it has several interrelated aims:

  • Expand learners’ interests and experiences as a writer
  • Boost an understanding of audience and purpose
  • Learn more about discourse and its importance
  • Obtain practical writing abilities prior to graduation
  • Teach students how to build their resume or CV

Interns are expected to serve around 10 hours weekly at the program. You can choose an individual path or work with a team of similar enthusiastic writers. Also, you will be able to select the place you want to intern. It can be Kent Campus On-Site or Off-Site Units. 

Social Media Intern: Community Service Society Of New York

Have you ever wanted to work in healthcare reform? Do you have a passion for social media, writing and reporting things related to healthcare, and keeping in touch with people? If yes, this program is looking for you. 

Community Service Society is a leading group in healthcare reform in New York State. The organization has various projects it is currently working on. Interns will focus on the new initiative, called We The Patients. It is a digital program focusing on consumers and their opinions regarding changes they want to observe in healthcare. We The Patients allows patients to communicate with people who want to change the world for the better (you). 

If you feel you can achieve that, interact with patients using different platforms, don’t hesitate to apply for the course. You will be a key part of the Health Initiatives team, working under the Health Policy Digital Organizer. Interns responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Assist in preparing policy, marketing, creative content
  • Peruse data and provide summaries for them
  • Design strategies and content for various social media platforms, letters, and emails
  • Carry out fieldwork, interviewing patients, get petitions signed
  • Assist in organizing public forums and conferences

To qualify for the position, you have to:

  • Be interested in healthcare and related to its branches
  • Have a passion for writing 
  • Demonstrate your readiness to serve low-income populations
  • Show robust analytical skills

Writing Internship – Non-Fiction: Ki Book Club

This fourth-month writing internship focuses on students who either want to enroll in the writing major or are current Creative Writing, English, or Literature students. The internship began on May 1, but the application is still open and welcomes new applicants. Although the internship is unpaid, the organization can work out some school credit for you. Serving a Ki Book Club’s internship, your responsibilities will be:

  • Working with the Summary crew to create top-notch book summaries
  • Creating 5,000 – 7,000 word essays based on the Reading team’s reports
  • Writing up to three essays monthly
  • Participating in Zoom meetings
  • Being up to date with the company’s projects
  • Providing slideshow presentations to the Writing Team

The corporation expects you to:

  • Be enamored of reading
  • Complete tasks in two weeks or less
  • Be engaged 
  • Contribute to discussions

The primary requirement is to write a 1,000-word sample, either academic or non-academic. 

Dow Jones: MarketWatch Newsroom Intern Internship

With the ongoing situation, the internship is fully remote. However, interns/employees will be expected to work in New York, NY, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco, CA, if a job-offer is offered. 

The corporation is looking for people with bold writing, unique style, and outside-the-box thinking. Interns will cover several markets, reporting and writing daily news and features. The schedule is highly diverse. That is, you can be handling company calls on Mondays, whereas Tuesdays might be focused on interviewing a gaming company CEO. The company is particularly looking for interns interested in tech, personal finance, social media, and data and business journalism. The program is paid.

The mentioned list is only a drop in the bucket. However, it demonstrates the number of available internships for talented writers. Keep digging the Internet, and you will find the program that suits you the best.

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