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A  Perfect Step-by-Step Guide to Impress a Recruitment Personnel

Since the increasing cut-throat competitiveness amongst the candidates applying for jobs and the brilliancy they possess, it has become inescapable to not prepare yourself thoroughly before going for any job. The companies have raised the difficulty level for their job criteria and there are people you meet every day who crack these interviews like a plum job.

How to Impress Recruitment Personnel, Tips and Guides

As many of you struggle and seek perfection to impress your recruitment personnel. Here is the perfect step-by-step guide to polish your personality and walk you through the entire process of getting hired by recruiters:

1. Beforehand Preparation

When you are talking to any recruitment or company, please make sure you are well prepared beforehand. Brush up all your previous skills, revise a bit about your educational background, train your mind for tricky questions regarding your current job and company. And practice being confident while conversing with the recruitment personnel. Take up a professional course that elevates your career growth. Click here for more information.

Beforehand Preparation

2. Enhance Interpersonal Skill

You should shine in your interpersonal skills like it’s a cakewalk for you. Remember, the first impression is the last and you should make it worthwhile. You are going to speak with the recruitment personnel for the first time and it should give an idea to them about you as a candidate.

Here are some tips to work on your interpersonal skills:

  • Excellent communication skills. Speak well and fluently.
  • Walk them through your current job profile.
  • Attentive and good listening.
  • Using the right and different vocabulary. Avoid repeating similar words.
  • Asking valid questions regarding the job.
  • Showing gratitude for the opportunity.

3. Understand Job Profile

Understanding the job profile is important before showing any further interest. If the person has not sent you information over the email, please feel free to call or connect to the recruiter or HR and ask them to send you a detailed job description. Read it multiple times, and understand your job role.

If you have any doubt regarding your job role, note down those questions and put them across in your next interaction with the personnel.

4. Learn About Company

Read and research well about the company from which the recruiter has contacted you. Check their websites, history, background, owner, work culture, values, leaders, products, services, etc. Learn about that particular industry and the factors that can affect it.

These days it’s very convenient to get all the information over the internet. You can also take help from platforms like Linkedin. When you feel confident enough about all the research and everything is positive then let the personnel know about all the information you searched regarding the company. This will impress them.

5. Keep Portfolio Handy

If the personnel ask you to show some of your previous work, keep your work portfolio handy with you. It should always be saved in your drive or email so that it is easier for you to send it over whenever needed. It also gives an expression of how organized you are as a person.

Such documents include your cover letter, resume, portfolio, and sometimes, previous job offer letters as well.

6. Set Voice Modulation

Your tone should not be very loud or very low while having a conversation with the recruitment personnel.  A cheerful tone is very important as this showcases confidence. Also, the clarity in the voice will showcase that you are comfortable and confident with your communication skills.

The modulation in voice tone can convey all sorts of emotions to the recruiter such as optimism, eagerness, gratitude, comfort, fear, etc.

7. Look Presentable

A neat, professional appearance shows the interviewer you take this job and opportunity seriously. If you are going to connect with the recruitment personnel over a meeting or virtual call, make sure you wear professional work attire. While choosing an outfit, remember it should be well ironed, not very bright-colored, and formal in nature.

8. Correct Body Postures

Maintain good posture. if you are in the actual interview or a virtual interview, always keep your posture upright. Choose a chair that is straight-backed if possible, and keep your chin up and shoulders down. Make sure that you sit up straight, with no slouching or hunching.

Not only does sitting up straight convey confidence to the recruiter, but also studies have shown how it is beneficial for your health. Lean forward slightly and maintain eye contact. Lean forward slightly to convey that you are listening and engaged in the conversation.

9. Sell Yourself

What do they mean when they say to sell yourself? Well, it is all about your skills, your personality, your experience, your expertise, etc. Tell them about yourself in such an impressive way that has a clear view of your attributes and how you are different or unique from others. The recruitment personnel should be able to get a gist of your career and personality after you have described him about yourself.

Mention your goals and ambition and how you will connect them with the company. Explain how beneficial you are going to be for the organization. Make sure your strengths and unique personality earn you brownie points from them.

10. Be Emotionally Intelligent

Describe your personality as not only intelligent but also emotionally intelligent. EQ (emotional quotient) is a skill that’s a need of an hour. Almost every organization is looking for candidates who are higher at EQs than their IQs. Because the market has changed, everyone needs a personal and tailored approach. No matter if you are going to get yourself recruited for a management job or advertising job or IT job, all of them demand a good EQ level in the candidate.

11. Share Previous Job Experience

Add relevant stories and experiences that you had in your previous or ongoing jobs. Always appreciate the organization you worked with or are still associated with. Do not go for negative publicity because that throws the wrong impression of you.

You can share stories like how you became problem-solving for your company, or how you managed during the period of work from home or you can share your pandemic experience.

Do not speak too much or do something extra as it shouldn’t look like you are boasting about yourself. So this should be done in a way like you are sharing your experience in quite a subtle manner.

12. Avoid Getting Intimidated

During the interview, It’s very natural to get nervous and feel anxious in conversation with the recruitment personnel or job interview. This usually happens when they ask you something that you do not have much knowledge about or a tricky question that can make you perplexed. You must not let fear get to your head.

Organizations admire people with confidence, take upon skills and courses that can boost your confidence. Watch videos on how to tackle or dodge questions in an interview. Do self exercises in front of the mirror or with your friends. Your confidence in dealing with those questions should be impressive enough to get you the job.

13. Ask Relevant Questions

Never hesitate to speak your mind! Ask reasonable and valid questions if you are in doubt about something or you are unable to understand their question completely. Recruiters will always ask whether you are having any questions with you because this helps them understand that you are being a good listener. They should sense your interest through your questions.

Study well about the job profile, and ask about your job role in detail. Also when they answer all your doubts, assure them that you have understood the answer well and you understand the commitment the job demands and you will show full dedication towards it.

14. Express Gratitude

Acknowledgment is an essential part of interpersonal skills. Every formal communication includes an appreciation of the other person so that they understand your humbleness and humility. When the recruiter is done taking your interview, express acknowledgment towards him and later send the thank you note over an email if possible.

Remember, being courteous and showing humility always win hearts and make you unique in personality. Whereas, if they sense that you are being rude or ungrateful for the opportunity, this will hamper your chances no matter how skilled you are as a candidate.

15. Follow Up Email

After you are done with the entire procedure, it is your utmost responsibility to follow up over the emails with the HR or recruiter of the company with whom you were in touch right from the start. It is always beneficial on your side and this as well ensures your interest in the job to the company. If you will not contact them then they will tend to think that you are not interested in the job.

Follow up Email

By staying in touch with them, you will be staying in their mind for a long and it emphasizes your chances to get recruited more than any other candidate. You must follow up in a week or two after the initial interview has taken place. Keep your email short and crisp and concise and ask for further information regarding the hiring process.

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