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How to Design a Resume for Delivery Driver Job?

How to Design a Resume for Delivery Driver Job?: Delivery drivers are regarded as the final stage of the entire product journey -right from the producer to the respective consumers. This is why delivery drivers are always expected to put the specific needs of the consumers first. How can a hiring manager decide whether or not you will make a reliable delivery driver? You need to come up with a great delivery driver resume to ensure that you land the job in no time.

Delivery drivers should be focused, patient, and detail-specific. Drivers are also expected to ensure effective time management and task completion within the deadline. The resume that you prepare should highlight the essential skills and qualifications as a professional delivery driver and what your profile stands out from the others. For more information on resume writing, check over here!

Writing the Perfect Delivery Driver Resume

When you are building a delivery driver resume, here are some essential points to keep in mind:

  • The header of the resume
  • Resume summary -also referred to as personal or profile statement
  • A section for employment history
  • Education
  • A section for resume skills

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How to Design a Resume for Delivery Driver Job?

How to Design a Resume for Delivery Driver Job

Selecting the Best Format for Your Delivery Driver Resume

One of the most common resume formats out there is the one following the chronological order. It is regarded as ideal for ensuring the structure of most resumes out there. For your delivery driver resume, it is an ideal scenario to offer information about the straightforward overview of your overall work experience in the section of employment history. The strategy can work excellently when you have previously worked as an employee instead of being self-employed.

Are you new to the workforce? When the role that you are playing is a departure from some previous employment, or if your employment background is diverse, then you can consider using other resume formats. When you have a history of self-employment or if you have acquired particular transferable work-related skills outside delivery roles, then you can go for the functional resume formats.

Stating Resume Summary

You can make use of the resume summary for proving to recruiters that they can count on you as a delivery driver. The summary or the personal or profile statement is a free-form section of the entire resume. In contrast to other sections -mostly featuring bullet points, you can include 3-4 sentences in the resume summary to offer an overview of yourself.

In the overview, you can include details like your individuality, your skills, achievements, experiences, and qualities. The given section is great for including a personal touch to your otherwise plain document. You would like to impress the recruiter with your skills & qualifications. However, you should also not appear like a robot.

In the delivery driver industry, a company relies on the professional to ensure the overall work with integrity. The resume summary or a personal statement is a great section to highlight your qualities. Additionally, you can also specify any certification, a clean driving record, previous experiences, and so more.

Writing Down Employment History

The examples of work experience that you present in your delivery driver resume reveals to the recruiters that you are capable of handling job complexities. Therefore, you should structure the employment history section in reverse chronological order. Start listing instances from the most recent work position initially and then, working backward to reveal your overall ability to multitask, work hard, and manage the overall time effectively.

The result of the section depicting your employment history should be available as a bulleted list featuring sub-points & sub-descriptions. The primary role of this section is to note down all your relevant achievements, skills, experiences, milestones, and duties for every single job in the past.

Laying Down Extra Roles

Have a detailed glance at your previous employment. While you might have picked up & delivered packages as a delivery driver, what else went through every delivery? For instance, you were also given the responsibility of overseeing the loading as well as unloading of the packages. In the section specifying additional roles, you can leverage strong action words to explain every single secondary duty in the resume.

Specifying Similar Jobs

The chances are that you are applying for the job of a delivery driver for the first time. However, some previous employments revealing that you are not starting out from scratch can offer an edge to your resume.

Some of the potential similar jobs in the given scenario are:

  • Truck or bus driver
  • Ride-share or taxi driver
  • Customer service representative
  • Chauffeur
  • Warehouse worker
  • Sales representative


There are several aspects to a delivery driver resume that you need to consider. Make sure that you include all vital details of your previous works and ongoing skills in the given document. When you design a compelling and informative delivery driver resume, it increases the overall chance of your resume getting accepted.

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