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Fruit Picking Jobs in AUSTRALIA | New Farming Vacancies 2023

Fruit Picking Jobs in AUSTRALIA | Farming Workers Vacancy Openings 2023: Various farming and agricultural companies are seeking dedicated fruit-picking workers to commence work immediately. Duties could include planting, picking, pruning, and irrigation laboring. Interested candidates with previous experience with farm laboring, fresh fruit, and vegetable handling type roles will be highly appreciated.

Wages and other benefits are paid according to the company rules and as per Horticultural Award. We have collected hundreds of agricultural job vacancies (fruit picking, harvesting, and packing jobs) in Australia. Read all the details below carefully and go through the process for application.

Fruit-picking jobs and harvest work in Australia is carried out on farms. These opportunities are usually available in remote locations, so don’t expect a lot of enjoyment, nightlife, or attractions during your fruit-picking work time. There’s likely to be a few basic stores, shops, and a pub or hotel a short drive away. Because fruit-picking jobs in Australia are so remote, you’re likely to have your own vehicle to get around.

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Most fruit-picking jobs offered the option to live on-site so you are close to your daily job, but your payment will be docked to cover the cost of the rent. Luckily, most of the fruit pickers are backpackers so it will be a great time to meet new friends from all around the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself a great colleague to pick with that will make fruit-picking work much more fun.

Latest Fruit Picking Job Vacancies Wanted in Australia 2023

Fruit Picking Job Vacancies in AUSTRALIA with Accommodation and Free VISA 2018

Fruit picking is an awesome way for backpackers to earn extra cash during their trip when traveling in the countryside of Australia. There are many backpackers using fruit picking jobs as a way of funding their trip, meanwhile, they enjoy the stunning nature of Australia!

The fruit picking season in Australia can often differ due to changes in weather patterns and temperatures. However, the picking season usually starts in December and finishes in May. Fruit picking requires physically hard labour, it is therefore important that you are pretty fit and healthy! Make sure you’re prepared for spending all day outside, most of the time in the burning sun – sunscreen and a hat for protection against the sun are essentials. Drinking enough water is very important as well.

Fruit and Vegetable Pickers and Packers50 PositionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Picking Capsicums 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 2023 – Vegetable Labourers 6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest worker 14 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Citrus 4 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Pruner Avocado 24 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Sweet Potato 3 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker Zucchini 5 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Tree Planting 20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Nursery Workers 30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Farm Labourers – Vegetable Pickers & Packers 30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit Packer/ Fruit Stacker/Packshed worker 50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker/Packer Avocado 30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Blueberry Pickers – Sandy Beach 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Vegetable Picking 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker/Packer Vegetable 30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Horticultural Labourers 25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Citrus Picking 25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Pumpkin and Capsicum Packers 6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Workers (Deck Hands- Port Lincoln)50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picking Tomatoes 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Pumpkin and Watermelon Pickers and Packers 8 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Banana 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Almond Polling 20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Seasonal Workers 500 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker Citrus 40 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Citrus Pickers 10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Pumpkin and Melon farm work 100 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Workers – Lettuce 40 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit Pickers for Emerald, Qld Farms 20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Banana farm work 100 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Berry Pickers – Sapphire Beach 20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Farm Labourer – Seasonal Work 15 positionsAustraliaApply
 Avocado Picking 70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Citrus Pickers & Packers 60 positionsAustraliaApply
 Asparagus Cutter 220 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Workers – Citrus in the Riverland 70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picking Apples 6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Workers – glass house tomatoes 130 positionsAustraliaApply
 Banana Farm Workers 20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit & Vegetable Farm Workers 25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit & Vegetable Farm Workers 60 positionsAustraliaApply
 Berry Picking and Packing, Trellising and Tucking 180 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Pickers 50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Dangleberry Farm 70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – GG Group 300 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Sun Sweet Berries 145 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Stothart Family Farms 130 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Oasis Berries 200 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Suncoast Harvest 120 positionsAustraliaApply
Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Suncoast Harvest 120 positionsAustraliaApply

Average Salary of Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Obviously, you want to do fruit picking in order to stay longer in Australia or to earn some money and enjoy the Australian countryside. What you get paid, is also important to know. As a fruit picker, you can be paid in two different ways; either per hour or for the amount of fruit you pick.

The average salaries are based on the Australia Standard wage rate for casual farming work. Minimum wages for harvesting jobs in Australia is AUD$21.6 per hour. So if you are a good and enthusiastic fruit picker, and get paid for the amount of fruit you pick – you will probably earn a little better than average!

Seasonal Work to extend Working Holiday Visas

Seasonal work in regional Australia is a way to extend your Australian Working Holiday Visa for a second year, which is an amazing opportunity to expand your visit for a little longer! Of course, you have to be eligible for Working Holiday Visas.

The Seasonal work has to be for a minimum of three months. The Australian government is quite strict about the definitions of both seasonal work and regional Australia. So make sure you check everything here before you start your job as a fruit picker.

If you have any queries regarding Fruit Picking Jobs in AUSTRALIA, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.



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