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DO’s and Don’ts While Applying Sarkari Jobs Online- Best Tips

DO’s and Don’ts While Applying Sarkari Jobs Online: A job plays a very important role in describing your state and reputation in the society. What kind of job and position you have in your organisation speaks about your status of living?

In India there is one more classification of job which describes your security and leisure of life- Private and Govt. Jobs.

No matter how important position a private employee holds in his organisation, he will never experience that kind of respect and recognition that a govt. employee enjoys because it is considered that the life of a govt. employee is secured with the enormous benefits being provided to him by the govt.


And it is true also to some extent…

The job security provided by the govt. Of India to its employees is till his retirement age and after that he will be provided with monthly pension that will help him survive in his old age.

Also Sarkari exam in(Govt. Job) provide a very good pay scale to their employees which is sufficient for maintaining good life standards of theirs and the promotions and salary increment are also done throughout the job of the employee.

Adding to good life style, they are provided with furnished accommodations, govt. Vehicles, medical facility for whole family, insurance covers, concession on electricity bills. Moreover, a servant is also provided to certain employees – Isn’t you will call this- life is set?

Government employees have 10 casual leaves, 15 earned leaves, 6 restricted leaves, 15 medical leaves, 4 half day leaves and almost 40 holidays apart from weekend holidays. amazing…right?

Also, these jobs are protective financial agent to the families of the employees. In case the govt. Employee dies, his family becomes the holder of his pension and the job is transferred to any of the family member who is eligible for the job.

Also, due to less supervision and control over employees, they enjoy less work pressure and the office is usually full of red tapism and this is really not done.

Sarkari Jobs Offered by Government of India

DO’s and Don'ts While Applying Sarkari Jobs Online

There are many types of jobs provided by the govt. Of India.

Some of the prominent ones are

  • UPSC Civil Services Examination
  • Indian Revenue Service.
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Indian Police Service.
  • Group B Services
  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Services (AFHCS)
  • Pondicherry Civil Service (PCS)
  • Pondicherry Police Service (PPS)
  • Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service (DANICS)
  • Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Police Service (DANIPS)
  • Maru Gujarat Civil Service(GPSC)
  • SBI PO Examination

This is for general banking and administrative services

Selection Procedure – Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Final Interview.

Age 21 to 32 Years

No of Attempts – 06 for GEB, 09 for OBC, and unlimited attempts for SC/ST.

  • LIC AAO Examination

Selection Procedure – Written Examination and Interview

Age – 21 to 30 Years

  • IBPS PO Examination

Selection Procedure – Written Examination and Interview

Age 20 to 28 Years

  • RBI Grade B Examination
  • SSC CGL Examination

DO’s and Don’ts While Applying Sarkari Jobs Online

And now is the era of Internet where almost everything is being done online, from bank transfers to paying bills everything. Govt. Has also provided their candidates with the facility of online forms of jobs and online recruiting system. With this system, they can apply for the job online with sitting at home

But many of us attempt a lot of mistakes in online form submission which can result in rejection of our application. So, here I am making you aware with those mistakes and present you with some DOs and DONTs Help for students.

  • Same Resume- Never ever attach a boring and same resume to your application form for all organisations you apply for jobs. It is a big no. Always prepare and amend your resume according to the organisation’s needs, agenda and post you are applying for or help for online Assignments Help and resume writing service provider.
  • Check eligibility before apply- Always check that you meet the eligibility and requirements of the job mentioned before applying for it.

Applying without reading to bulk organisations will decorate your reputation in the eyes of recruiter and lower your chances for any future job in the organisation.

  • FALSE Information- Do not submit any false information in the greed of selection because it will be noticed by the recruiter by the end of the day and will result in a complete mess for you
  • Call Interview- For the call interview, be ready before and make sure your phone is not busy on any other call on that scheduled time.
  • BE Formal and resourceful during interview- During interview describe how you are perfect for the organisation post and do not try to be more frank with him.
  • Ready with the references-there is the probability that after the selection, the recruiter will ask for references so, be ready for it and prepare some references that you can mail him at the point he asks you for that. It will be impressive.

Best of luck!

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