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20+ Best White Collar Jobs in 2023 | Meaning & Examples

20 Best White Collar Jobs, Careers in 2023 | Meaning & Examples with Required Education and Annual Median Salary: The jobs or careers involved in performing professional duties, often in an office environment, are commonly known as white collar employment. In this article, we will discuss the white collar job meaning, examples and expected annual salary.

These jobs usually require at least a high school or college degree, a bachelor’s degree, and often an advanced degree such as a master’s or doctorate. Employees usually receive a monthly or annual salary instead of an hourly wage.

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Here are 20 awesome white collar jobs lists and examples with very promising futures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), United States predicts employment in these fields is growing rapidly (an increment of 15 percent or more) or faster (an increment of 10-14 percent) than all other different collar workers jobs in 2016 and 2026.

What are White-Collar Jobs? Lean the Meaning

Best 20 White Collar Jobs and Profession with Workers Salary

White-collar jobs belong to a class of employees who are known for higher average salaries and earnings doing highly skilled and professional work but not by performing manual labor work at their jobs.

White-collar jobs historically have been the “shirt and tie” set, defined by management, office jobs, and not “getting their hands dirty”. So, these jobs are also called “White Colour Jobs“.

Those performing routine support work, such as clerks, helpers, nurses, and laboratory technicians, are not considered to be white collar careers.

White collar workers may enjoy improved and well-furnished working conditions and benefits packages. So, these types of jobs are considered quite desirable and preferable for highly skilled, educated and professional individuals.

However, the stress level at work can also be quite high, and there is a top-down hierarchy of responsibility on white collar pay levels as more of these positions face competition from lower-wage countries.

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Examples of White-Collar Jobs

We have collected the example of high paying white collar jobs list. Some best examples of white collar jobs are listed below:

  1. Business executive
  2. Market researcher
  3. Marketer, publicist and advertiser
  4. Financial manager
  5. Physician
  6. Software Developer
  7. Cloud administrator
  8. IT specialist
  9. Cybersecurity architect
  10. Dentist
  11. Management consultant
  12. Lawyer
  13. Architect
  14. Computer Engineer
  15. Sales manager
  16. Real Estate Appraiser or Assessor
  17. Database Administrator
  18. Instructional Coordinator
  19. Cost Estimator
  20. Administrative Services Manager
  21. Operations Research Analyst
  22. Civil Engineer
  23. Personal Financial Advisor
  24. Medical or Health Services Manager
  25. Information Security Analyst
  26. Market Research Analyst
  27. Chartered Accountant or Auditor
  28. Mobile App Developer
  29. Analytics manager
  30. IT Architect
  31. Insurance Manager
  32. Data Scientist
  33. Cloud Engineer
  34. Bank Manager

Who are White Collar Workers?

White collar workers are individuals who do non-routine job activities in managerial, administrative, or professional position and does not exercise manual labor work.

A higher level of education and professional training is typically demanded white collar work. A formal college degree is a common requirement for all types of white color jobs.

This group of white collar workers tends to earn a higher range of salary than manual laborers, and is more likely to be paid a monthly salary than an hourly wage. The formal dress code associated with a white collar worker may be somewhat higher than for other career positions.

Each of them currently has a large number of employees and promises to add more white collar workers than most other jobs. Below is the list of best and high-paying white collar occupations for skilled and professional job seekers.

List of Top 20 White Collar Jobs in 2023

Best White Collar Jobs, Careers Meaning, Examples, Required Education and Annual Median Salary

We have described below the top white collar jobs, profession and career opportunities with education required & annual median salary:

1. Sales Manager

Sales manager is one of the highest paid white collar jobs. A white collar job with a physical burden level, good work-life balance and solid prospects to improve, get promoted and earn a higher salary would make many employees happy.

A sales manager is an attractive and lucrative white collar career option. Sales managers establish and create strategies for achieving sales targets. They act as the leaders of the sales operation for a business, directing the efforts of collogues, and representatives and cooperating with production, marketing and other departments to maximize sales potential.

A sales manager is the person responsible for leading and directing a sales group. A sales manager’s duties often include creating a sales plan, assigning sales areas, setting sales quotas, mentoring the sales representatives, assigning sales training, analyzing sales data, and hiring and firing salespersons.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing
  • Annual Median Salary: $124,220 (BLS)

2. Business Executive

Another highly paid white collar profession is Business Executive position. Business executives are highly-ranked professionals in their organizations. They work with other leaders to set business goals, objectives, strategies and policies that will serve the organization’s mission.

A white collar business executive is a high-ranking leader responsible for executing a business operation, although the exact responsibility of the role varies depending on the nature of the organization. Executives run businesses, companies or government agencies in the leading role. They create long-term plans and short-term strategies to help their organizations grow more.

  • Education Required: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Annual Median Salary: $104,980

3. Lawyer

Lawyer and attorney white collar profession

A lawyer job is one of the best white collar jobs in the world. They specialized in a range of areas, including criminal, civil, insurance and other types of judiciary, law, and attorneys. Lawyers provide legal advice, and services and represent individuals and organizations in the legal course of actions, as well as prepare lawyering paperwork for clients.

A lawyer or attorney is an individual who practices law and advocacy, as an advocate, attorney at law, barrister, barrister-at-law, bar-at-law, canonist, canon lawyer, civil law notary, counsel, counselor, counselor, solicitor, legal executive, or public servant preparing, interpreting and applying the law, but not as a paralegal or charter executive secretary. (wiki)

  • Education Required: Bachelor of Laws degree
  • Annual Median Salary: $120,910

4. Accountant or Auditor

An accountant or auditor prepares financial statements, checks financial records for accuracy and compliance with laws and regulations, and ensures that taxes are paid on time and produces various types of financial reports for the company.

Accountant jobs workers are professionals who are responsible for collecting, recording and interpreting financial transactions. Most accountants are responsible for a wide range of financial activities, either for individual clients or for larger businesses and organizations employing them

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in accounting
  • Annual Median Salary: $76,120

5. Financial Manager

A financial manager as a white collar worker oversees the financial health of an organization. They perform financial data analysis and advise superior managers on profit-maximizing ideas by analyzing cost-benefit analysis. Financial managers create financial reports, plan investment activities, and develop strategies for the long-term financial goals of the organization.

Financial Managers rank #3 in the best white collar jobs in the world.

  • Education Required: Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration.
    • Preferred: MBA or Master in finance, accounting, or economics
  • Annual Median Salary: $130,250

6. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts analyze the market to help companies decide what products to sell and what prices to set for them. Market research analysts help companies to understand target marketplaces through in-depth studies of market trends, competitions, market conditions, and consumer buying behaviors.

A white collar career as market research analyst may accomplish this through questionnaires, consumer behavior research, interviews, and market analysis, among other strategies.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in market research, economics or a related field such as statistics, mathematics, business administration, social sciences, or communications.
  • Annual Median Salary: $72,450

7. Application Software Developers

An application software developer designs computer applications, for example, word processors, spreadsheets, games, and databases. This software have significant math requirements that may include a sequence in calculus, logical and differential equations, and linear algebra and more.

They may create a custom application software for specific clients or commercial applications to be sold to the general public. Some software application developers create complex databases for large organizations.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering
  • Annual Median Salary: $110,000

8. Cloud Engineer

Cloud technology is becoming a rapidly popular white collar profession in larger organizations, allowing them to store data securely and use applications remotely rather than on the devices physically available.

Cloud engineers white collar workers can serve a variety of data storage functions within an organization. In a broader sense, they are responsible for managing a business’ cloud-based data systems and processes.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology
  • Annual Median Salary: $127,000 a year according to PayScale

9. Security Information Analyst

Another white collar job– information security analyst develops and implements processes to safeguard computer systems and organization networks. They install software, such as antivirus, and firewalls, to protect computer networks and utilities.

Information security analysts design a plan and carry out security standards to protect an organization’s computer networks, databases and overall systems. Their responsibilities are gradually expanding as the number of cyber threats increases.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, information security, programming, or related fields.
  • Annual Median Salary: $105,800

10. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers use their knowledge of science and mathematics to design, build, and maintain infrastructure projects and systems.

Civil Engineer White Collar Workers

Civil engineers design major transportation projects. Civil engineers design, build, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain development and infrastructure projects and systems in the public and private sectors, including highways, roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment.

Civil Engineering job is one of the best white collar jobs option, because the Civil Engineering sector covers so many job positions in private and public sectors. The career growth opportunity in Civil Engineering is very high. There is no necessary retirement for a skilled and experienced Civil Engineer.

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
  • Annual Median Salary: $ 83,540

11. Management Consultant

Sometimes called a management analyst, a management consultant helps companies find ways to improve their efficiency or increase revenue.

Management consultants help organizations to dissolve managerial issues, add value to the organization, maximize business growth and improve overall performance. They use their managerial skills to provide objective suggestions and expertise and help an organization identify any specialist skills that it may be missing.

  • Education Required: Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in business, computer, and information science, economics, accounting, management, finance, marketing, or psychology. Preferred: MBA
  • Annual Median Salary: $91,100

12. Medical or Health Services Manager

A medical or health service manager coordinates all activities of a medical practice, an entire health care facility, or a health care facility department.

Medical services managers are responsible for different types of white collar jobs and operational duties in a hospital, nursing home or medical setting. Their common responsibilities include: Overseeing the recruitment, training and development of hospital employees. Following and maintaining health records of budgets as well as managing the daily records of the health-related facility, such as patient count.

  • Education Required: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in health management, health management, care, public health management, or business management. Preferred: Master’s degree
  • Annual Median Salary: $96,540

13. Database Administrator

A database administrator uses software to store and organize data and make it accessible to users while keeping it safe from unauthorized prosecutions. They ensure databases run efficiently.

Database administrators use a specific software application to store and organizational data and information, such as financial data, customer information and shipping records. They assure that data are accessible to users and secure from unauthorized access.

  • Education Required: Degree in computer science or a related field
  • Annual Median Salary: $88,450

14. Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator is another awesome white collar employment opportunity for highly skilled workers. A cost estimator calculates the cost of completing a construction or manufacturing project. They collect, maintain and analyze business/financial data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to complete a project, manufacture a product, construct a building, or provide a business service.

They usually estimate fixed cost, and variable cost as well as state the results in equation form.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in finance or a field related to the construction industry
  • Annual Median Salary: $68,550

15. Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors white collar positions provide guidance to their clients on investments, retirement, college savings, and insurance.

A financial adviser or personal financial advisor is a professional who delivers financial services to business clients based on their financial background. In many countries, financial advisors must have to complete specific financial advisory training and be registered with a regulatory body in order to provide financial advice.

  • Required Education: Bachelor of Science in any subject and job training
  • Annual Median Salary: $95,460 plus bonuses

16. Operations Research Analyst

An operations research analyst identifies the problems in business, logistics, health care, and other fields and recommends the best solutions. They advise company managers and other decision-makers on the appropriate course of action to solve a business problem.

Operations research analysts have to perform advanced mathematical and analytical operations to help organizations identify and solve problems to make better decisions.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in operations research, mathematics, engineering, analytics, or computer science.
  • Annual Median Salary: $ 79,200

17. Real Estate Appraiser or Assessor

A real estate appraiser records the value of a single property, while an assessor evaluates an entire neighborhood of homes.

A real estate assessor estimates the value of a single building, piece of land or real estate property. An appraiser may specialize in either residential or commercial real estate property. He/she will be called upon to evaluate a property before it is sold, mortgaged, insured, developed or taxed.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s degree with coursework in mathematics, economics, finance, English, business law and real estate, and computer science.
  • Annual Median Salary: $55,750

18. Manager of Administrative Services

An administrative service manager, sometimes known as an office manager, oversees the organization’s support services including record keeping, facility maintenance, and mail distribution.

They oversee the administrative services and performances of an organization. This may include oversight administrative personnel and coordinating mail distribution, office upkeeping, recordkeeping, and monitoring facilities. Administrative service managers perform a wide range of activities related to keeping an organization functioning seamlessly.

  • Education Required: Minimum of Diploma in high school. Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in business, facility management, information management, engineering, or information management
  • Annual Median Salary: $95,180

19. Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinator is one of the best white collar jobs who oversee and evaluate school curriculums, teaching standards and methodologies. They develop educational standards and materials, implement them with teachers and principals, and evaluate their effectiveness.

A teaching promoter develops, implements, and evaluates the effectiveness of school curricula.

  • Education/Experience Required: Master’s Degree and experience as a teacher or school administrator
  • Annual Median Salary: $66,200

20. Data Analytics Manager

When it comes to sales, marketing, and business management, the ability to read data analytics is becoming essential for business growth. This role effectively means coordinating teams of data analysts and scientists to generate insights that can emphasize business owners make better data-related decisions.

Data analytics managers provide direction for the data analysts team. They also build that team, making recruitment decisions and deciding where each analyst’s skills will prove most productive for the business. They oversee the work of an analytics department, ensuring its accuracy.

They use analytical techniques, advanced data modeling, and predictive modeling to interpret the key findings from company data. At the same time, they turn these insights into the kind of initiatives that will support business outcomes.

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Analytics, Computer Science, or related field. Master’s Degree may be preferred
  • Annual Median Salary: $104,100

In summary, there are dozens of other white collar jobs available in various businesses, companies and organizations. Most of the jobs listed above require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and some may demand master’s degrees, too. However, increasingly, individuals are pursuing alternative ways to attain white collar jobs.

For example, there are many software developers who join companies as white collar workers without formal degrees and have learned how to program and develop software through other means, such as coding boot camps.


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