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9 Best Part-Time Jobs Ideal for Students

9 Best Part-Time Jobs Ideal for Students: You must know how important financial independence is for students today. For that reason, most of them try to look for a job or even start their own business while at college. Obviously, the growing financial burden and high living standards push students to start working as early as they can. 

Some of them complain that they constantly lack time to fulfill all their commitments. For this very reason, a qualified essay writer working with an essay writing service is always there ready to help. As the trend to combine work and studies gets even more popular, we’ve selected several part-time jobs that might be of interest to students.

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Administrative Assistant

It’s wrong to think that administrative assistants usually sit all day in front of their computers working with the files and answering the phone. Yes, this is a big part of their job, but it’s not all the job they do.

Part-time administrative or even virtual assistants may be needed when the business goes through an unusually high workload. In this case, you’ll be required to perform different tasks from calendar management to document organization.

This job pays $20 or more per hour which is very good for a student.

Computer Tech

Computer Tech Part Time Jobs for Students
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If you know how to approach a computer not only as a user but as a fixer, you can try to find a technical support job. You may apply for a tech support worker position or become a retail clerk in a computer store. At the same time, you may provide post-sales support to users as well.

This job is good because it keeps you on track with all the newest computer developments and advancements. You’ll work with devices and software and help clients meet their technical needs.

The pay is usually very different and depends on the store. You can find a position with a $15 per hour rate.

Bank Teller

These days, banks hire students for entry-level positions with a promise of promoting them to a better job upon graduation. For a student, joining the banking industry is already a good way to start their career in finance.

A bank teller position requires communication and customer interaction skills along with product knowledge. You’ll be working with clients most of the time, suggesting the services and banking products that meet their needs best.

The salary is usually not too high, about $12 per hour, but that’s still good if you think about part-time employment which doesn’t require a car.


It’s quite rewarding to be a tutor, and as a student, you can start by teaching younger kids. If you know that you are good at math or any other discipline, use this skill of yours to help others improve their academic performance.

The beauty of this occupation is that you can earn decent money while being totally in control of your time and schedule. Thus, you may plan every lesson individually at a differentiated price. In addition, tutors’ salaries are quite high. You can charge more than $15 per hour.


Being a nanny is quite popular among students. This is a good way to earn some cash whenever time allows. You can find a few couples who’d turn to you if they needed help with their kids. This role is excellent for those who plan to work in the social or healthcare fields.

However, babysitting means a great deal of responsibility. Make sure you get on well with kids and understand that they need your whole attention. Such occupations usually pay well, so you can earn up to $25 per hour.

Retail Sales

Retail Sales Part Time Jobs for Students

Sales assistants and sales associates are needed in any organization, so you can easily find a vacant position. This job is great for combining it with studies because it doesn’t usually require you to work extra. You work fixed hours and then have time to study.

However, if you want to earn more, there is usually a flexible bonus system or a few extra responsibilities that can bring your salary from $15 to $20 per hour. This may not be a fortune but still, it’s a good addition to your humble student income.


People use all kinds of deliveries today, and their popularity is growing.  Therefore, students might be very much needed for food delivery or parcel delivery jobs. If you have your own car, it will definitely play into your hands.

You may seek offers online or just register with popular apps like Uber to become a delivery person. Such jobs offer flexible working hours but promise quite good salaries for students.


If you are fond of writing, becoming a copywriter or a ghostwriter may be a great opportunity for you to earn some cash. Copywriting and blog writing can help you learn marketing tricks while teaching you to study your audience better. This skill is great for any position you’ll hold in the future.

Based on your writing skills and style, copywriting can really help fill your pockets with cash. You can earn between $15-$25 per hour. However, if your texts are indeed catchy, you may end up with $30 or even $40 per hour.


Hospitality and catering fields are very popular among students. Many of them seek part-time jobs as:

  • waiters;
  • receptionists;
  • hosts. 

Such employment is great for students who need to advance their communication and customer service skills while making good money.

Even if salaries in catering are not high, you have a great chance of earning more. Tips are quite common in this industry, and they often exceed regular salaries. So, don’t be surprised if you end up with $30 or more per hour when you’ve planned to earn just $15.

Final Words

Education is no longer a privilege of the rich but a must-have for any person aiming to build a successful career. It, however, costs huge money which students try to earn in many different ways. Skills that you can develop while working are essential for making your resume stand out for even an entry-level position.

That’s why do consider the jobs we’ve listed above because they can be a great start for your career. Remember that your goal as a student should be advancing your soft skills while filling your pockets with some cash.

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