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If you are looking to join oil and gas vacancies in UAE, then you are most welcome to Al Masaood careers. The company is eagerly waiting to hire talented minds and professional individuals. Al Masaood is one of the best oil and gas companies to work for in Abu Dhabi, UAE. So, apply for the latest Al Masood job vacancies and get a better opportunity to grow yourself.

The company also offers internship opportunities for students and college pass-outs. It believes in providing learning opportunities for motivated undergraduates looking to get a head start on their career paths. Al Masaood internships last for two months and are held with a particular department the entire time. HR, IT, Legal, Finance, Customer Services, Sales & Marketing, and Engineering departments are among those opened for internships.

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Al Masaood Abu Dhabi Careers in Oil and Gas

Al Masaood believes in creating a bright future by providing the best career opportunities. The company also encourages its employees to work beyond the traditional values. All employees are part of creating and embracing innovation and technologies to accelerate Al Masaood forward.

Al Masaood Careers, Find Oil and Gas Job Vacancies in Abu Dhabi UAE
Company NameAl Masaood
Company TypeOil and Gas
Job LocationUAE
NationalityAll Nationalities can apply
EducationEquivalent Diploma/Degree
ExperienceExperience an Asset
Salary RangeCompetitive
Employee BenefitsAttractive Job Benefits & Perks

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All the employees at all levels of the organization are hired, trained, developed, and integrated by Al Masaood, and it helps them grow into top professionals in the industries in which the business works. So, let’s explore the latest Al Masaood jobs and career openings below in the vacancy list:

L&D And Performance SpecialistFull TimeUAE
L&D CoordinatorFull TimeUAE
Parts Sales ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
Application Engineer, Power GenerationFull TimeUAE
Sales ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
Administrator /Personal AssistantFull TimeUAE
Contracts OfficerFull TimeUAE
Store ManagerFull TimeUAE
Counter Sales ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
AccountantFull TimeUAE
Pipe FitterFull TimeUAE
Parts Sales ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
Key Account ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
EstimatorFull TimeUAE
Team LeaderFull TimeUAE
Senior MechanicFull TimeUAE
Parts Sales ExecutiveFull TimeUAE
MechanicFull TimeUAE

Al Masaood Jobs in LinkedIn

By exploring the official LinkedIn profile of Al Masaood oil and gas company, we found the following job opportunities to be fulfilled:


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Science (Metallurgy, Mechanical, Chemical Or Electrical).

Working knowledge & Experience:

  • Internal Corrosion Monitoring Activities
  • Chemical injection, Sampling, and Fluid Analysis Activities
  • Water injection system – Corrosion Management
  • Cathodic Protection Activities
  • Pipeline Maintenance Pigging Activities
  • Pipelines’ Intelligent Pigging Activities
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Piping System Integrity Management
  • Recording and Reporting Activity

Minimum 5 years experience in executing corrosion control and monitoring, chemical treatment, cathodic protection, and other related activities of corrosion management in upstream oil and gas facilities.

Qualification/Certification Required: NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist, NACE CP Level II or equivalent certification.

PC skills and experience with respect to data review, trending analysis, and preparation of technical reports in addition to data entry, data compilation, and report generation.


The qualification and responsibilities of a Corrosion Monitoring Technician shall be as follows:-

  1. Possess a Diploma Engineering or trade certificate and evidence of a minimum of three years (3) experience in the use and maintenance of internal monitoring equipment associated with job training certificates or from one of the recognized corrosion equipment manufacturers or industrial proven experience.
  2. Conversant with internal monitoring techniques and systems installed in pipelines, vessels, and other process facilities.
  3. Maintain in the correct manner all related equipment, including solid and hollow plugs, coupon holders, retriever and retractor tools, access and service valves, corrosion probes, and hot-taping machines.
  4. Carrying out online installation and retrieving at a full stream and under working pressure, corrosion coupons and probes using high-pressure retriever (up to 6000psi) and low-pressure retractor (up to 1500psi) tools.
  5. Conversant with and able to assist in the work of hot-tapping online and under full stream pressure through access valves by using both high-pressure Rohrback Cosasco hot-tapping equipment (up to 3600psi working pressure) and T.D. Williamson hot-tapping equipment (up to 1500psi working pressure) or similar, acceptable equipment.
  6. Able to assist in the installation of online internal corrosion automatic data collection units, data downloading, and transfer.
  7. Maintain general cleanliness and tidiness in the assigned work areas.
  8. Shall be able to prepare technical reports related to daily and weekly work.
  9. Knowledgeable in the proper routine service maintenance of all the corrosion monitoring equipment.

Package and Benefits

  • Total Salary: 6,000 AED
  • Rotation: 42 days on/ 21 days off)
  • Accommodation: Provided
  • Food: Provided
  • Transpiration: Provided


  • Diploma in engineering, or Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Certified as Corrosion Technician in accordance with NACE corrosion Technologist or CP technician certification or equivalent (Diploma in Engineering or SSC + NACE Corrosion Technologist or CP Technician or equivalent certification).
  • Minimum 10 years experience as corrosion technician in the oil and gas industry, with at least 3 years in a supervisory role.
  • Training and certification in the safe use, testing, operation, and maintenance of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection equipment, tools, devices, and other system hardware (Rohrback Cosasco Systems preferred).
  • Able to assume responsibility, work with little supervision, be flexible, perform duties and handle multiple tasks under offshore conditions.
  • PC skills and experience in computer data entry, data compilation, and report generation.
  • Competent knowledge and experience of corrosion work activities described below
  • BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training) – OPITO approved
  • Advanced H2S Safety and Breathing Apparatus, First Aid, Fire Fighting


Internal Corrosion Monitoring Activities

  1. Planning of annual corrosion monitoring program based on hot spots from corrosion database.
  2. Preparation, retrieval, and replacement of corrosion monitoring elements, including but not limited to weight loss corrosion coupons, ER probes, LPR probes, Galvanic probes, High-Resolution ER probes, and Bio Probes.
  3. Handling, laboratory processing, examination and evaluation of retrieved weight loss corrosion coupons, corrosion rate calculation, and recording of observations.
  4. Obtaining corrosion probe readings/measurements using appropriate instrumentation. Prepare reports at the agreed frequency and specifically highlight any anomalies and deviations from expected corrosion rates.
  5. Installation, commissioning, use, and servicing of ER data logging systems including Microcor systems. Handling and processing of monitoring data, and report compilation with a graphical presentation using the appropriate software.
  6. Handling and processing of retrieved bio-probe studs, sessile bacteria analysis, and reporting of results.
  7. Preparation, checking and maintenance of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection access fittings and assemblies, including thread cleaning and reaming of access fittings, and replacement of worn or damaged parts.
  8. Preparation, checking, pressure testing, and maintenance of online retriever tools, service valves, and accessories, including replacement of worn or damaged parts.
  9. Flushing and draining of corrosion monitoring traps

Chemical injection, Sampling, and Fluid Analysis Activities

  1. Preparing complete plan/road map for chemical injection/sampling & fluid analysis.
  2. A sampling of fluids and deposits for microbiological testing and for other required tests, analysis, and investigations related to corrosion management.
  3. Microbiological (SRB) testing, both on-site and in the laboratory.
  4. Develop/follow-up inventory of chemicals for injection according to injection rates and updates.
  5. Follow up on chemical injection and report interruptions.
  6. Audit the actual chemical injection (pumps delivery and tank levels), including hardware, and report at agreed intervals.
  7. Sampling and analysis for corrosion inhibitor and biocide residuals.
  8. Correlate corrosion inhibitor and biocide residual measurements with corrosion monitoring data.
  9. Check, repair, and/or advice on replacement, if necessary, for chemical injection assembly and quills as per the activity plan.
  10. Water injection system – Corrosion Management
  11. The Corrosion Monitoring Team shall liaise with Site Operations to get the water injection report on a daily basis.
  12. Shall analyze anomalies and correlate the report with any operational up-sets, including any corrosion-related issues.
  13. Revise chemical injection schemes to correct water quality including corrosion of assets, and summarize the main events that might affect the quality of the Water Injection System. Shall issue water quality report on a biannual basis.

Cathodic Protection Activities

  1. Preparing complete plan/road map for cathodic protection monitoring for each facility.
  2. Carry out all the planned surveys related to Cathodic Protection systems on underground and submerged metallic structures.
  3. Carry out, check and adjust ICCP T/R current and voltage output measurements.
  4. Conduct advanced surveys related to CP systems (Soil resistivity, CIP & DCVG) to detect deficiencies and correct identified interference issues.
  5. Testing and maintenance of CP measurement equipment.

Pipeline Maintenance Pigging Activities

  1. 3.5.1 Follow-up pigging operation according to the planned frequency. Pigging will be carried out by another agency, corrosion support shall be provided by the Corrosion group.
  2. Ensure post-pigging chemical treatment programs are implemented as planned
  3. Sample collection of pigging returns and follow-up of analysis
  4. Pigs inspection, and follow-up of pig maintenance and refurbishment

Pipelines’ Intelligent Pigging Activities

  1. Shall coordinate with site Operations to ensure smooth execution of the intelligent pigging operation.
  2. Shall participate in Risk Assessment activity for intelligent pigging operation.

Positive Material Identification

1. Shall carry out positive material identification as required in field projects/modification jobs, new procurements, and failure analysis to confirm alloy constituents to material specifications. PMI machine shall be provided by the Contractor.

Piping System Integrity Management

  1. Shall support the RBI program of the Company and identify integrity threat locations in piping system for effective corrosion monitoring.
  2. Shall be responsible for Dead Leg Management.

Recording and Reporting Activities

  1. Reporting status of all planned and assigned activities, including a summary of findings.
  2. Feeding the obtained data to the corrosion management database / PACER in a timely manner, and reporting trends with graphical presentations.
  3. Maintaining all required records as per ADNOC OFFSHORE Corrosion Management System and sub-systems for the services provided.
  4. Maintaining inventory of all equipment and materials supplied by ADNOC OFFSHORE for the services, reporting consumption and stock levels of corrosion monitoring consumables and spares, reporting condition of equipment and requesting as well as following up for equipment repair/replacement and stock replenishments to support timely completion of services as per plans/schedule.

Package & Benefits :

  • 7500 AED including everything
  • Rotation 28 days on/28 days off
  • Medical Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food Provided by the client during the working on site

How to Apply for Al Masaood Jobs?

You can submit an online job application for Al Masaood careers. On the other hand, if you couldn’t find any matching titles for your education and experience, you can still submit your updated CV for future recruitment opportunities. So, please follow the job application process described below:

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button provided on the Al Masaood job vacancy openings listed above [You will be forwarded to your LinkedIn profile]
  • Create a job profile, if you have already created just log in to your profile.
  • Upload your CV/resume and other personal details
  • Finally, submit your Al Masaood Job application online.

Al Masaood Job Benefits and Perks

Al Masaood invests a lot in its employees – continuously – as they progress through their careers. Working at Al Masaood oil and gas company will give you industry top salaries and job benefits as well. You can grow yourself in your professional aspect also. After joining Al Masaood careers, you can receive the following employee benefits and perks:

  • Attractive basic salaries
  • Medical insurances
  • Accommodation and transportation
  • Sick leave
  • Holidays and paid time off
  • Shift rotation
  • Job training and development


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